Morrigan HD 3D model: new Darkstalkers game in the works?!

I remember the first SF4 interview by 1UP/EGM where Ono was talking about other fighting games he’d love to remake… maybe his mention of the Vampire series is coming true!

Take a look at the new Morrigan character model here.

It still looks a little rough to me, so hopefully it’s not the finished product.

wtf lol

I hate you. With all my heart and soul.


thats too damn good!

if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

i wouldn’t doubt that capcom would find anyway to avoid animating morrigan ever again

I actually laughed out loud on this one lol.

llolololo. I hate you as well. Burn in hell

Funny, but I’m pissed at the same time. I thought this was gonna be for real.:sad:

I love the texture work, looks so detailed.

Btw I can’t believe I fucking fell for this, and I don’t think it was the first time a Morrigan Sprite has viced me.

Man look at the number of RECTANGLES on her.


:rofl: Too good.

EDIT - You should have totally done this on April Fool’s Day.

thats hilariously true :bluu:

I didn’t know she was going to be in Capcom vs Tatsunoko.

dont ask me why but I like SOME of those old sprites and hope they dont change too much. like the sagat, blanka, and vega alpha sprites

Yeah I got baited hard. :rofl:

If they do make a new DS game, that would be the most bad ass alternate costume ever:rofl:

yea u got me.

very retro feel to it

i like it

Oh you bitch lol

nice lol

Fuck you, man :rofl: