Morrigan Basics

Special Moves
Soul Fist - :qcf:+:snka: or :snkb: or :snkc: (Can be performed in air)

Shadow Blade :dp:+ :snka: or :snkb: or :snkc: (Can be performed in air)

Vector Drain - :hcb: + :snka: or :snkb: or :snkc:

Drill Kick- While in the air :qcb:+:snkc:

Hyper Combos

Finishing Shower - :qcf: + :3p:

Valkyrie Turn - :hcb: + :3p:

Darkness Illusion - :bdp: + :3p: (Lvl 3)

Misc. Stuff

:snkc: can eat through Advanced Guards. If someone is constantly AG’ing I usually repeat until I’m close enough to get them with a vector drain. Very situational but interesting nonetheless.

Morrigan’s Air dashing makes it really easy to pursue and retreat. I personally like IAD with her :snkc: or trying :IAD: :snkb: (jump cancel) AD :snkc:

Lvl 3 can be chained with almost all her moves

Vector Drain Can be comboed into ( can also be Mega Crashed)

posted by Infamous

my post from the up cancel thread

since morrigans dash actually goes forward and up, this should be interesting to see how its gonna get used in the near future

morrigan can only connect her hard attack from either a crouching light or medium it seems, unless you baroque cancel into the hard attack. toying with more stuff now. her dash is to good with that up canceling.

her standing hard, not her forward+hard attack

morrigan can up cancel her dash with u+medium attack without actually connecting the medium attack, but you have to do it real fast. its easier with u+hard attack. played with chuns dash with up cancelling a little, but she just jumps up. morrigan actually hops a small bit, but you go right back down to the ground. i guess do to the fact that her dash is a forward + up motion. so you can have someone in the corner, dash in, up cancel with u+hard attack, and immediately go into a low attack combo string, or whatever.

still got much testing, but it seems like she has a special dash, and she might be the one of the few, if not the only character that can cancel her dash the way she can. pressure pressure pressure

morrigan cannot baroque after a heavy attack in an air combo. other characters can. i tried with chun, and she can baroque after a heavy attack ender air combo. something little, but to keep in mind.

tryin to see if morrigan has an infinite now. chun seems like a good partner for her with her assist.

morrigan can cancel her standing heavy into f+heavy attack, launcher, or d/b+heavy attack. if you combo crouching medium attack into standing heavy attack for five hits, after the standing heavy attack, you can do her shoryuken, lvl 3 super, fireball, launcher, or d/b+heavy attack. this all will connect properly.

sorry, i have not memorized the abc stuff yet, but you could do crouching medium attack into standing heavy attack, fireball, baroque, crouching light attack, crouching medium attack, launcher, etc…

she is shaping up well. especially with the dash cancel stuff, and her ability to cancel her standing heavy into other normals and specials.

chun as her assist is beast. cause you can start doing stuff like, crouching medium attack to standing heavy, chun assist, standing heavy again, baroque, etc… gonna have to keep playing with it.

edit. posted something wrong.

morrigan can combo into her throw off of a standing weak, a low medium attack, or a crouching weak. the crouching weak is two hits naturally, and it can combo into her throw.

her forward medium attack can cancel into her level three super, shoryuken, or fireball. still testing, but you can do a basic combo of crouching medium to forward medium, cancel into her level three super, and it will connect for 48 hits.

I did some testing in training, and you get a ton of control over her missile shower. You can make it arc downwards, upwards, or even zigzag. The zigzag can cover a pretty significant part of the screen in missiles, and looks damn cool XD
EDIT: If you go up then down right away, you can make all the missiles go pretty much straight ahead; 32 hits if you aim it right.

Yeah and if anyone is foolish enough to get hit by finishing shower you can combo into darkness Illusion (Lvl3 super).

Up close, that is.

Finishing shower is mainly used to make chip damage.