Morgan Hill / Gilroy MVC3 SSF4 thursday nights

Hey all,

A few friends and I have been running weekly tournaments & casuals in Morgan Hill, CA for about 2 months now. Right now we have 4-5 of our personal setups running MvC3 & SSF4:AE with 10 regulars showing up. We just got our live stream & commentary up and we’re hoping to grow our local scene. We are looking for a new venue so keep up with on us for up to date info on where we will be holding our events on the facebook page.
You can follow us on twitter/facebook - @thbuttoncheck / Thursday Night Button Check
Respond to either this thread for more info. Or you can PM Ezekiel Xerxes directly.
If you can’t make it make sure to watch the stream on
See you there!

mainly will be a venue to gain experience and have fun without laggy netcode lol

I was raise in gilroy good to see thers gamers out ther …

ya, there are a lot, just need them to raise their voices lol

Good to know … and wher is the location? Downtown morgan hill?

The only guys I know out in this area are Mexicant and Hacksparrow. Hacksparrow has been banned from srk, like 3 times now, and I haven’t heard from Mexicant since he started his new job.

tonight at 7 pm at anime 101 at vineyard and monterey, next to togos, will be the 1st time i get this going so expect it to be rocky lol

gonna try to make it out tonight


Wait… Anime 101 is your venue? I’ll show up, but I have issues with that guy. So I’m not sure how long ill stick around for. I’ll send the word to some people though.

i am running the show at this event, so you dont need to worry

gonna start heading over at 7:00 to avoid traffic, should I bring my MvC3 for xbox?

only have ps3 setups

went really well, had 7 people turn out for the full three hours, here is hoping more people show for next week :slight_smile:

things are looking good for thursday keep posting if you are gonna join us this week

i created a event for this using the event organizer from the revamped website, its nice. here is the link:

good to hear that it turn out well …maybe one day i can go over and check it out

awesome, hope you make it

I’ll see you all there later, kinda sad its ps3 though. Guess I gotta use my shitty TE D: unless anyone has a pelican adapter >.>

i would like to have a mix of setups but nobody i know has everything we need for a xbox setup. I dont own a xbox personally.