More TE sticks now available ($170 + $15 S&H) on

Just a heads up.

Yeah, 30 bucks more, but worth it if you’re desperate like me I guess.

Thank you Beach Audio. :bgrin:

In for 1 as well.

Funny thing is, if you go to the beachaudio website and look up the Saitek PS3 TE stick…it says out of stock just 2 hrs ago when it was supposedly out since early yesterday.

Does that mean they are just ignoring their actual beachaudio website orders and trying to increase profits through amazon?

I ordered one from there as well but havn’t gotten any confirmation…sooo guess its a waiting game.

I ordered at 3am and got a confirmation email from beachaudio a few hours later. here’s hoping.

WTF. I checked right now and it was $170 so when I went to buy it (I never bought from amazon, so I had to set up an account) it was already sold out

Gotta get on the ball, people can buy those them sell them on ebay for like 300 or whatever.

lets hope that theyre able to fill all the orders they took in…

yeah that and those that didn’t order them in the first place (ME). I hate playing with the 360 controller

that’s why i had my PS3 and played it on that.
i’m already getting an TE from a friend, so its all good.

I ordered one too, and got a confirmation. I also emailed them and they emailed me back. I cannot wait for this thing to come in. Lets keep each other updated.

Its about time stock started to trickle out a bit more. Still I’m pretty sure a lot of peeps will end up to be disappointed, I don’t think they’ll be able to satisfy all the orders and end up cancelling some. Keep us updated for the ones who’ve ordered.

I ordered saturday morning and haven’t heard a thing except from that second confirmation email from beach audio. Who do I have to F*** to get a stick around here?

I ordered mine on Satuday and I’m pissed as well. IT should have be fucking shipped today.

They better ship tomorrow or I’m going to write a letter of complaint to them.

Tell me about it. I don’t think the updated their inventory fast enough to meet the demand. They’ll probably have to hit up craigslist to fulfill their orders.

has anyone got a tracking number atleast?!

No but my Credit Card was still charged.

same! keep me updated!

i spit on the TE sticks…

too bad im sick of seeing people try to make a cheap buck out there by buying and reselling.

Not to mention the fact that those sticks are crap and you still would have to spend another 50 bucks on parts.

For those who bought one, enjoy $200+ you spent on a pretty case will a pretty lettering of sf4 on it

^^ Thanks a bunch Captain Excitement !

I love pretty lettering, why I payed 500 dollars to bejewel my blackberry.

I got money pouring out my ass! -_-

Before you get flamed to death, explain what parts I’m going to buy to replace the parts already there.