More Sensitive stick?

Hello, sorry if this has been asked before I tried looking but came up with nothing.

I have a Street Fighter Tournament Edition Fight Stick (SF TE FS) and I find the stick quite non-responsive/sluggish. I was wondering if there are stick replacements that are more sensitive than the default SF TE FS? If so could you recommend me any?



What do you mean by sluggish? Do you feel that the joystick engages late when you move it or is there a delay in the direction inputs? If your problem is the latter, then most likely you have the LS/DP/RS switch next to the Home button set to LS (left stick) when it should be DP (d-pad).

MS mounting plate so it can fit
Octagonal Gate (optional) if you don’t like square and want a smaller total movement.

Move the switch to DP see if that helps. If you do a move, and then it happens (input lag) - it’s your TV. are you playing on an HDTV?

Its on the D-PAD both setting. I feel like the joystick stick engages a little bit too late for my liking.

is the LS-56-01 with MS mounting plate easy to install? like i wont need any special tools?

Both LS and DP feel a little bit too slow, I am playing SF on the PC. The problem i think is that I feel the stick engages a bit late for me.

Screwdriver with Phillips head.

Besides proper screwdrivers, and Hex tool to open case, nope.
Joystick connector should be oriented the same way, but harness plugs in upside down, (twist it 180)

Also consider the LS-32. Has a shorter engage than the JLF(Stock TE joystick), but not as short as the LS-56. The tension might be a factor for you too. The LS-32 has medium tension(more than the JLF though), while the LS-56 has a higher tension than both.

It’s your pc.

lol… a TE Sluggish its one of the most sensitive sticks ive ever touched, Also there’s a way to fix input delay, I just don’t remember what the fix was called it had a specific name.

I think he was just using that word to describe the problem of him finding the JLF’s engage distance too large. If not then I dunno, as the JLF is incredibly precise.

If you’re playing SF4 on the PC its your computer, otherwise its in your head

Sorry there seems to be a bit confusion I have caused, I think i mis-used the word sluggish, what i meant i find engage range on the original stick on the TE FS a bit too much/far for me, I am looking for a stick that has a shorter engage range. The buttons are fine for me its just stick.

Ok cool thanks, thats that really helped. From what you are saying i think i might opt for the LS-56 since it has a shorter engage range and higher tension.

Do you have small hands or something? If you plan on playing mostly fighters I recommend just sticking with the Sanwa JLF stick used in the Madcatz TE. Seimitsu LS-32 and LS-56 joysticks were designed for other types of arcade games like shoot 'em ups where a short engage range is more desired.

If you have the money then I guess you could just buy them and try them for yourself. I suggest that you read up more info on these joysticks on Slagcoin before you make your final decision.

You want a more sensitive stick while playing?
Take off the wrap but be careful that you don’t wind up as a baby daddy.

On a serious note, I would recommend a LS-32-01 for shorter engage distance, or an optical stick such as the Ascii or Sanwa Flash, but they are rare to come by.

Nah I have average sized hands, and I use the wine glass hold if that helps. I think ill still buy the stick to try it out, is only about 17.50 had a look around not too much to break the bank if i don’t like it. I think i can always return it if i don’t like it. Thanks for the link :slight_smile: will have a read.

Mmm optical stick??? not heard of them but will google to find out more info. In case google does not help what are the pros and cons of optical sticks?