More on ORO vs KEN

Today I played the best Ken/player ever. Complete beast, I won two times that it and not games just rounds. The amount of pressure he put up was crazy. My standing MK, and s.MP keep him back alittle. When he would jump in I would dash under. I had some highlight like landing EX teng. a few times. I was still dissapointed with my play but it’s al comes down to practice.

Does Oro really have a chance aganist Ken at all? I guess I just havent ever played somebody this good.

Another question, why is it that my chicken jump only landed 2 hits+ a standing roundhouse. In the Man of Gold video the Oro juggled Ken like 2 times. This Ken had hit confirm down like 85% of the time. Such much pressure I didn’t want to try a down parry. I’ve not even seen good video of a Oro vs. Ken and If it did I’ve never seen the Ken played like it was played tonight.

there are ken tips around, just search

-use low forward, use standting forward, that shit owns ken

I don’t know what you’re talking about. What time in the video was the clip?

Anyway, Ken vs Oro is nearly even, with Ken getting a slight edge because of his ability to land a Shippu and pressure after it. It’s something like 6-4. I have no trouble beating Ken players at or slightly below my level. Just be careful with your pokes, or else you’re going to eat a Shippu on reaction.

ken is about an even matchup. you gotta make ken afraid to throw DPs and jump in crossover mk. Which means you gotta parry. Unlike some other characters, parrying for Oro is very very important. mainly because just 1 succesful parry by Oro can win him the match. just do your best to crouch block and throw tech while at the same time using pokes to build bar. Eventually hes gonna want some big damage off of a crossup or a jump in, this is the point where you should wreck him. or using double jump mixups to bait shoryukens and parry that.

I might also say that Oro has an advantage when ken has no bar, so try to play aggressively with poke strings and hope that ken will make a mistake. One chicken combo =most of your bar. Just gotta watch for those jump ins.

it is true that ken has many options that require to be ready for them. to link shippu can cause serious damage. and throws after crouching short. or getting out poked by chances are ken is going to land shippu at least once per match. However if he only lands it once then you should be able to win. your bar is much more dangerous than his.

It was just his pressure game was insane. I’ve never played a char that put so much pressure on. I definately need to learn SA2, because I could have won a few of thoes matchs if I would have had my unblockable action going.

What I ment by the chicken combo was, sometimes I get 2 and sometimes I get 1 launch and just a roundhouse. The chicken combo just stops. Is there a certain range or placement specificlly Ken has to be in for a full chicken combo?

^^ I figures it out, I was doing the launch to early, I need to wait alittle to

On the topic of facing off against Ken, and Shotos in general:

What’s Oro’s most reliable way to punish a blocked Shoto sweep?

If you’ve been charging down, an EX uppercut works nicely. A ducking fierce or a standing roundhouse might hit, too… but I could be totally wrong about that.

if you block a shoto sweep i would say go for a quick dash in and mix up. Do not use EX uppercut. Ex uppercut hasnt got enough range and it isnt worth the bar if your using SA III. Honestly though, Oro doesnt have a punishment really. works well but thats about it. If they are stupid enough to do it close to you than do whatever. Id say dash in and mix up is your best option.

^ I’ve been realizing that I’m throwing to many predicatable s.rh, double jump rh which is just getting parried to SA3. I definately need to work on my mixup Oro if that is possible. Lately alot of Ken’s are landing way to many hit confirms on me. Ken’s mixup in the corner sucks for oro also, especially tick grabs. Any have any tips on tick grabs?

A great tactic when your up against ken in the corner is to jump backward when you are waking up. If he hits you with a tic or any hit for that matter, you will be reset and then have options. you should also have enough time to react to the throw if he is walking forward while you are being reset. this gets rid of the pesky tic throw, short jab short, and meaty to target combo and super. However, dont do this to much because you will start eating damage once they figure it out.

As far as I know, you can’t jump out of meaties because you’re not immediately airborn.

After dashing under Ken’s crossup what are Oro’s best options?

close standing strong into chicken combo then unblockable or ex tengu stone juggle?

anyone correct me?

I really like oro now no homo.

What you can do depends a lot on the distance you end up from ken. Problem is, a lot of the time if you are close enough to close mp him, his mk will hit you. Actually, if you are even in range for the close mp it means you dashed into the crossup situation. Even if you do land the close mp, ken will probably be too high in the air for it to combo correctly. If you do it early enough, you can HK him, otherwise its either a far mp. Most of the time the best you will get is one poke.

if the mp only hits once and hes too high for the chicken combo u can walk up and MP again before he lands -> ex tengustones

I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a close mp hit a shoto once, but I geuss it’s worth a try.

WHenever strong hits just do the side switch trick and make them guess it works better.