More New Videos From Evo East: ST and SSBM! (Updated 06/27/2007)

New batch of videos are up!!! (6/27/2007)

We’re back, ladies and gentlemen. Again, check the front page of SRK for the latest batch of Evo East vids. Up this time? We have a double whammy. Super Turbo and Smash Bros. comin’ right up atcha, hot and fresh!

And if ANYONE is willing to mirror these files for me (and the ggxx vids as well), it would be greatly appreciated since our file server is slower than molasis. Thanks in advance, and PM me if you can host them.

  • James

===== Second Post (6/19/2007) Below =====

Check the front page of SRK for the latest batch of Evo East vids. This time up is Guilty Gear XX Slash.

As I said in the post below, apologies for the sucky-ass announcer. :slight_smile:

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===== Original Post (6/13/2007) Below =====

Check the front page of SRK for the first batch of video goodness. Up first is Capcom Vs. SNK 2!!

Special shout-out to Kim for hosting all the vids on his site right now. I figured the man that can be known as Mr. CvS2 here in the states might as well be the one to host these vids.

As more vids become available, I’ll keep updating THIS POST (title of thread will probably change as well). So just be warned that when new updates are out, check the first post of this thread to see if anything new is out.

Awesome, thanks again!

Thanks, watching now.

Very good matches, thx!


Any estimate to how long till the vids come out? I want to see my rusty ass faust.:wgrin:

gdlk editing, and background effects. Can’t wait to see marvel. Please make that next James.

we’re tired of “same old shit” East Coast marvel. the players demand to see some hot ST action!

great work james!

thx for the vids

dont rape my bandwidth too hard people

Watching these Nestor vids STILL send chills down my spines and I was there. These are some of the greatest CvS2 matches ever(Grand Finals of course).


Thanks alot for these.

I met Nestor once at a tourney in St Maarten, watching him play renewed my interest in the game. Congrats Nestor! now go pwn everyone in Vegas.

Damn I choked in that first match fuckin sanford thats a free matchup too. Good shit to James for the vids hopefully I get to see my errors in 3S also. NESTOR is CVS2 MONSTAR

I’m getting the videos out as quickly as possible, Josh, so I’m not sure when the next batch will be ready. It is pretty much a one-man effort right now (though to clarify, I’ve had tons of offers from lots of really great people to help me with my efforts, but I’m just really fucking OCD and anal-retentive about everything, so I’ve done myself no favors and have decided to do it all myself for now. When my head is about to explode, I may finally accept offers from others). At least most of the “hard” work is done. So I should be getting more games out sooner than it took for the first batch to come out.

Pushblock: I am NOT working on MvC2 next, but that is because Preppy is hard at work capping those himself. The copies he will have are direct-feed, so there won’t be any crowd-noise, but you can at least see the matches. Go to his site ( ) for updates on when those videos will be done.

I do need people’s help on one thing, though… and I know this is going to sound really bad, especially for dXp, but… does anyone have footage of the LAST set of the ST Finals between dXp and Seth? I have everything UP to that last set (I have the first set, in other words), but don’t actually have that last set. :frowning: Apparently, we ran out of tape and we didn’t realize it (the camcorder was set to SP instead of LP, so it only recorded an hour instead of 90 minutes like we thought it would). If anyone recorded that last set and can get it t ome somehow, I would greatly appreciate it!

I actually knew about this, and I don’t think anybody recorded it. Oh well.

good shit to me on holding it down while dropping every combo in the book :looney:

good shit to Bacardi on the gdlk MC’ing and giving team trap/empire/Arcana Heart shoutouts :rofl:

Is that who was on the mic for the cvs2 vids? Didn’t care for the commentary much. Repeating yourself two or three times every time you open your mouth gets old quick. Evidently, everyone is serious serious and has tricks tricks.


This is exactly what I told Walter afterwards…

Yeah I’m sure Onikage can do better commentary for cvs2 :rolleyes:

It’s not a easy game to MC period.

im like the mauro ranallo of cvs2 commentary