More Bullies Getting Beat Up

Fight starts at the 1:50 mark

new non youtube link -


Rowin’ sundah!


I don’t know man. The emotion at the end seemed pretty real to me.

I’ve had pure rage like that myself.

If it don’t come with a legit news article… FAKE! Link is dead anyways.


mirror or close thread

Once again the bully is smaller than the “victim”.

I think the bully was like put your other arm in your jacket…Guy was like no im lame i wear my jacket only half way…

pfft. Nothing special in this scenario. Just jackasses being jackasses. Nice try though.

should have threw the jacket on him and then started the rushdown…

those punches were real… look at the bully flexing at the victim, those were real flinches.

The people calling it fake are fucking stupid.

i like the kid on the bottom trying to do something with his legs that words can’t properly describe

Someone has been watching UFC lol, side control into full mount transition FTW

wtf is he saying at the ending? NGGHHHSALKJL DWAAAA YOU TALK TO ME? HUUUUH

It probably is real but it’s still lame

I was waiting to see if the victim would punch the bully in the nuts…

he was never going to throw a punch after the first blow landed, his head was just bouncing off the concrete floor.

I’m trying to figure out where they are fighting …is that a communal shower room??


Fake or real, bullies getting fucked up = wish I had the balls to do that when I was bullied in secondary schooling.

The fight reminds me of this: [media=youtube]sD3JcYxrP08[/media]

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU !!! I was about to mention Ralph!!! Damn you!

He was just missing the giant final punch at the end.