Moonsault Body Press

What’s it for exactly? Dodge lows? Overhead?

Seems awfully slow for either of those options without lucking out. Anyone care to clear this one up for me?

Its an unblockable if I can remember correctly, prolly something to have in the pocket to kill off a char

its pretty useless, anyone worth half their salt will counter it before it comes out since its so slow

its not all that great… I happened to land it a couple of times on people during wakeup but thats it…

You use it for wakeup on opponents that like to stand. Smart players will start rolling after getting hit by enough of these, which opens up some of King’s other wakeup options. It’s a pretty scary tool if you know how to use it. Mastering the wakeup game with King is critical since most of his moves cause hard knockdowns. You want to keep your opponent on the floor guessing what to do next.


use a move that keeps them in blockstun for a long time and have moonsault press land as soon as blockstun is up

it’s unblockable and the hitbox is basically a roof falling on you so they can’t do anything but DP - meaning if they don’t have one they are screwed

i use vega HP roll, switch cancel, wait a short moment, then moonsault body press, it’s guaranteed on basically anyone w/o invinsible reversal

but if you do it during blockstun moonsault press becomes part of the blockstring as well

That’s nice if you want to burn 1 bar (switch cancel) for 110DMG and have a teammate with a long blockstun move. Otherwise, use it for wakeup.

Cool, thanks guys!