Moon Knight Avatar Request

Would anyone be so kind as to make me an Avatar with Moon Knight with one of the below pics?

Any flash would be welcome but not neccessary.

I appreciate it.

I tried…

[runs away]

Thanks man it looks good. Hey can you tell me what program you used or how you did this? I would like to get into making AV’s but I don’t know where to start.

Photoshop and ImageReady. [ImageReady comes with Photoshop, its just that you have to open the PS folder in your Program Files and click the IR icon to install it…I think. That’s what I had to do anyways. One time install though then its permanent in the Start folders]

You can use Photoshop to edit pictures and the like and make NON-ANIMATED avatars.

ImageReady is used for the animation. Anything animated has to be done through IR. PS can’t animate…

And no prob on the avatar. Thanks for sportin’ it! :tup:

Moon Knight punches nazi’s and women in the face.


He is one of my favorite super-heroes.


Glad to see a fellow Moon Knight fan. He is very underrated IMO. Hopefully the new series they have got going on for him will increase his popularity so he will show up more.

PS: Thanks for the rep. If you haven’t be sure to rep Sasmasta since he made the AV.

I actually have the first 8 issues of Moon Knight sitting in my room wrapped up in plastic and framed.

Same with the first 4 issues of X-Men 2099.


I repped him when he made mine. Which I have yet to use actually.

The fact I neglected my titty av upsets me.


You should never neglect a titty AV, never and I am jealous of your collection already. I need to order some of the older stuff. Admitadly(sp?) I got into MK pretty late.