Monty Oum's (Haloid guy) thread

I’m sure most people here don’t need an explaination of who this guy is…I’m just making this thread for 2 reasons. No. 1 is to make it easier for people who don’t keep track of this guy that well to find his animations on the fly and or talk about anything that has to do with his animations. No. 2 being the Dead Fantasy II is supposed to be out around March (according to him) I’m getting the thread out of the way so when it gets posted up it’ll get posted in here.


Darth: Juuuice…juuuice…fuck the force…Higher Ground OWNZ!

ROAD 1.5:

This one is a bit incomplete…still cool to see how far he went with it


This was the movie that caught a lot of people’s attention before Haloid


This one sorta had a story…fight scenes are awesome as usual


…You know what this is…


movie he made for a Stranglehold contest…that he SHOULD have entered…but didn’t

Dead Fantasy I:

Dead Fantasy II:

Dead Fantasy III:

Dead Fantasy IV:

(Most Recent! 7/28) Dead Fantasy V:

rhode island represent!

First before I go on further with this post…no he hasn’t put up Dead Fantasy 2 yet but he’s hard at work on it…I just read his blog to see what was up and uh…wow…there’s going to be 9 characters going on at once in this movie. He’s still trying to work hard on the dead line and it’s at least 8 min long. Also if any one is interested and is an artist you can submit dressphere ideas too him if you want.

for more info on that see these blog posts:

I’ll continue to be on the look out but I’m pretty sure when it drops you guys may find out about it before I do.

He put up a date for Dead Fantasy 2…It’s coming out March 19th guys…

here’s the post:

awwww…it got delayed for about a week…:frowning:

but there will be previews of it this friday and sounds like since he’s delaying it he’s gonna throw in a trailer for no. 3. Hotness!

well at least he can tell us clear dates of when to expect stuff…unlicke a certain flash animator…>.>

I was gonna make a thread like this a while back because someone made a thread for just Dead Fantasy over in GD. I thought it would be much better to just have all of Oum’s work in one spot and here it is. Good looks, when I eventually get prem, I’ll rep you lol. Dude has an assload of talent. To do that much choreography on his own and animate it all…is nothing short of remarkable. 2nd part of DoA vs. FF is gonna be hot shit…Tifa is all in the mix now.

indeed I love this guys work and have been a fan of his since his Road 2. He’s quite dedicated as well something I fear I’m lacking that I need to work on.

the halo thing is his weakest work imo…the timing is all jacked up and it’s overanimated…awkward camera work etc. I hated it to be honest…

the other things are great though, really good considering it’s mostly him doing it.

Yes, I can’t wait for this dead fantasy II. The first one was fucking sick with Hitomi coming in and wrecking shit.



That’s the Alpha version. I can’t wait to see the full one.

thanks for putting that up…I’ll probably watch it after the official one comes out supposedly later this week so i can compare what he did…but it’s WAYY too tempting…

Official one is posted:

Pay close attention to 5:28-5:30

Holy shit that is so BEEEEEEAST.

hot! thanks valaris! I wish I could change the title of the damn thread to get peoples attention… watches

Edit:…O.O;…was definitely surprised by 2 of those characters that showed up…but that was an absolute crazy slug fest…Awesome lol. I noticed Monty is still working on his human like movements cause one of the characters when she came in looked a tad weird at first but as soon as she was all over the place everything was fine…Might have been the camera.

Just send a pm to DS and ask him to do it for you.

I’m not entirely sure of who DS is unfortunately…guess I haven’t been around here for that long to know who it is. My apologies!

Edit: I think that gunblade that a certain someone was carrying when she came in was the one that monty made on his art page. Didn’t think he’d put that in here either.

I was just about to post this up, someone should link a thread tothis in GD no one really comes to the video thread and I know alot of people enjoy this

Said this in the other thread on GD, but:

holy crap


Jesus Christ, Rinoa fucking DESTROYED them. :rofl: As it should happen, DOA girls would get fucked up by Final Fantasy girls. They better call Ryu or some shit, he’s the only motherfucker that could run with them.

holy shit. lemme tell you, i’m high as fuck right now and that was damn entertaining…