Montreal thread 2013

Well 2k13 is here… hope to see mtl to big thing the the FGC this year…GO FOR BROKE!!!

mastermao? is that you?

You know the deal, gee

Is there a weekly gathering or anything of the sort in Montreal? I picked up AE a year ago, but never had time for myself, so I just played online. However, I currently have a lot of free time and I was wondering where I could meet up with people to level-up my game.

We are normally at Foonzo 1245 Drummond, downtown montreal every friday to chill and play. you can check us out on Facebook too (reason why the thread is dead on srk)

Hey guys, I’m visiting Montreal soon probably and wanted to check out the scene up there. Any ideas where/when I should go?

Definately Foonzo’s. Its right downtown montreal, and MTLSF is there on Fridays. They have 8 face to face cabinets and much more X360’s to play too. It also happens to be a bar.

Foonzo is the spot. I was there on vacation and someone told me about Foonzo. It’s wild. People chillin and playin sf. And they serve alcohol beverages there. We don’t have anything like this in Ont. MTL has it up.

It’s downtown on Drummond @ Saint Catherine and Drummond.

I wish we had a place like Foonzo in Ont.

speaking of foonzo, are they showing evo finals broadcast there? I thought I read about that somewhere couple weeks ago and I’d love to watch the finals with a hype crowd, but now I can’t find where I read that and I’d like some confirmation. Wouldn’t want to show up with nothing going on and miss all the action trying to get back home in time

Hey guys

Is there much of A3, Garou or KoF scene at foonzo? Im going to be in montreal next week.


Hey, I’m looking for some people to play/train with for 3s. I’m not a great player, but I’m not a total scrub either, and I’m looking to generally level up my game. PM me if any of you are interested!

Hey I don’t have facebook but is there a list of what games will be running on the arcade setups tonight at Foonzo? I’m staying here with my cousins thought Id pass by but I didn’t bring my arcade with me.


Anyone in mtl play marvel

Looking for a buddy to play and improve with. Im not terrible but definitely not the best! PM me.

P.S I also speak french