Montreal March Thread 2005

Seb and myself are looking for a third person for our team “Puff Puff Parry” for the CvS2 team tournament. Requirements: You must smoke with us before playing.

I challenge FreddyLoco to a $10 match 2/3 falls at MAT! BOOK IT!

I’m down, I’ll take P Athena

who want to be with me …the (rst)“rollsuperteam” requirements : rollsuper and u must have a drink with u!!

Tony is my hero

Nagata, lets make it 20 bucks, and I pick random characters in k-groove

:wtf: OK bud, it’s your money. :wtf:

bwahahahhaha !!! its your money this is a good one lolz
look like freddy has alot of money to give hahhahaha

<---- ringer available for 3s team tournament.

one month to go and we hopefully won’t see anymore snow :clap:

btw, check out these mvc2 vids from a break tournament click me !! even if you hate mvc2 you gotta check them out just for the funny comments :tup:

Heh I just saw this ranking system, I want a shot at 6th spot for MVC2 so I gotta challenge flowcus right? Im too lazy to read all the shit but can I like challenge him anytime for the 6th spot or wtf?

Edit: Nm whocares about rankings I barely have time to go to arcades Id always have to forfeit anyways

i wanna challenge him at 3s too, so do i challenge him at the same day or do i just wait till MAT and get a higher ranking than him at the tourney?

U play 3S … who is ur main character ?

psycho ill join ur team LOL

i havent played in so long but it dont matter

ill take ayone …alpha3 cvs2 and mvc2!!! and streetfighter 3rd dick …forget it! lolz

who want to be in my 3rd strike team…i can event parry a parry !!! imagine that!

Is mat still taking place in 2 weeks?
I could have a place with a TV and consoles if there’s nothing happening for games n bets.

Chun, i screw around with Q, Hugo and Remy too yet i dont know how to play with ken :confused: if you wanna play my scrubby ass, i’ll be at 2000 at ~5 friday.

7witch , i dont mind as long as your paying the entry fee :devil:

:confused: :confused:

dont be confused its just skill man!

Yo… I ll be at 2000 friday too… Im new and I brought a scrubby Ken … I ll be the white dood wasting his tokens on CPUs til people show up at 5 pm+