Montreal Annual Tournament 7 Results

Thread to be updated as full results are acquired for each game.

TEAMS Super Street Fighter 4
32-man bracket

1 JS Master / Eric Hai / Blitzman
2 Chi-Rithy / FreddyLoco / Harmoni
3 Rameo / Snafoo / Trini
4 psychochronic / Jon / Saco Jericho
5 Stephen / Manaboy / Song
5 Heero / Buddahforce / Peter
7 SARS / Van / Master Mao
7 Prez / Davero SRK / Mr. Trite
9 Tenmujin / Karamba / Smokey
9 Brown / Kai / CrankyPunk
9 Fidel Gustro / CB / Evil Canadian
9 HvE / Inter / Jimmy Bones
13 Willix / Thelo / ThirtyHitCheapz
13 T-Double / Bento / Ramirez
13 Grokslam / Contra / irockthevote
13 RXS / Zack / Scott
17 Phet / Than / Moni
17 Lightz Out / Grimwall / JR
17 Naleb / MAG / Marco
17 Kazuhiro / Rami / TC

SINGLES Super Street Fighter 4
128-man bracket

  1. JS Master
  2. Snafoo
  3. Eric Hai
  4. Buddahforce
  5. Rameo
  6. Chi-Rithy
  7. Prez
  8. Mr.Trite
  9. Blitzman
  10. Davero SRK
  11. MTLer
  12. FreddyLoco
  13. Jimmy Bones
  14. Song
  15. Pringles
  16. Andy
  17. Smokey
  18. Master Mao
  19. Mana Boy
  20. Jensine
  21. Peter
  22. Heero
  23. SacoJericho
  24. Bento
  25. MarcoXD
  26. SARS
  27. Karamba`
  28. psychochronic
  29. One and Only
  30. T-Double Turbo
  31. MAG
  32. Daocat
  33. Trini
  34. Evil Canadian
  35. Contra
  36. Fidel Castro
  37. Tak
  38. Van Hyuk
  39. ThirtyHitCheapz
  40. Grokslam
  41. Kazuhiro
  42. JR
  43. Willix
  44. Kai
  45. Chenta
  46. HvE
  47. Jon
  48. JaysonBoss
  49. Jed07
  50. irockthevote
  51. MJ
  52. RXS
  53. MeerSKap
  54. Cheeky
  55. Great Than
  56. CB
  57. Biohazard
  58. Crankypunk
  59. smoon
  60. Gillette
  61. Basics
  62. Naleb
  63. Inter
  64. Dark Dragon
  65. So Free
  66. Oculus
  67. ShogoWK
  68. SA2
  69. Ramirez
  70. Lightzout
  71. Steb
  72. Grimwall
  73. Roylei
  74. Mart McFly
  75. MTL Kai

**SINGLES Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
1st: Chi-Rithy
2nd: Aznretro
3rd: Eric Hai

**TEAMS Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix

  1. Jimmy Bones team (Jimmy/Thelo)
  2. Team Ottawa (contra, GeneiJin87)
  3. (PsychoChronic/Jed07)

**SINGLES Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix
1- Geneijin87 (Balrog)
2- Jimmy Bones (Balrog)
3- Blitzfu (Ken)
4- Thelo (E.Honda)

**SINGLES Tatsunoko vs. Capcom (Round Robin)
1 Harmoni (Karas/Ryu) [7-1; only loss to Psychochronic 1-2]
2 Davero (Casshan/Ryu) [6-2; only loss to Harmoni 2-0]
3 Psychochronic (Doronjo/Soki) [4-3; only losses to Davero 2-0 and Harmoni 2-1]
4 Contra (Tekkaman Blade/Polimar) [2-6; only beats ThirtyHitCheapz]
5 ThirtyHitCheapz (Soki/Megaman) [0-8; Forfeited due to time constraints, booo]

8 vs. 8 MTLSF vs. Ontario SF
MTLSF wins (8 - 7)

MTLSF: Snafoo, Master Mao, Veasna, Van, MTLer, Rameo, FreddyLoco, Chi-Rithy

Ontario SF: Peter, Eric Hai, Mr.Trite, Blitzman, Davero, SacoJericho, Buddahforce, JS Master

damn, i woulda won this one too. gs guys.

I guess I’ll start :slight_smile:

First of all, major props to EC canada for being so sick and Woolie, Pownz/ESC, cranky, vivek, Mao, Veas, TO, mtl for putting together yet another amazing tournament~


  • to Jamaican pates for sponsoring my performance this weekend and that of 30% of the contestants
  • to me sucking /with/ Dic in teams and having Tim/Ramirez(so amazing) pick up all the slack
  • to going home friday night with a backpack full of salt and having the iron chef use it to cook up some marvelous dishes overnight, allowing me to maintain composure throughout the entirety of the tourney saturday (for the first time, ahah) and actually doing well for once!
    -all in all, big shoutouts to food and hungry people…


Mart McFly: Nice Rose. Like I kept repeating before the tourney started, I was sure I’d get knocked out by a MU I wasn’t at all comfortable with and I was afraid of getting peaced out by you especially after you got the early lead on me. Rose’s U2 is gay :smiley: lol ggs

Lightzout: Definitely a cool dude, from the chat we had in the car on the way back, I could feel that you were already hungry for wins and that’s good to hear, mtl needs more dedicated young blood like you ahah.

Ramirez: So sorry and thanks for carrying the team! I should ask Rameo for private lessons too. You def need to come out more often~

Steb: I think you were pretty disappointed by your performance in singles, and I myself was surprised that you let your nerves get to you when you are normally one of the more consistent players I know, at least execution wise. Keep your head up~

Grimwall: Nevermind, I’m not feeling Adon anymore :D. Hah. But like I told you, the game came out less than a month ago and picking up a brand new character only to relearn every single MU in a timely manner is a hard feat to accomplish~ Especially when the entire vanilla cast aside from Ryu, Sagat and Gen basically got buffed. That being said, you should reap the rewards soon enough if only because nobody knows what Adon is capable of :P, yet.

Crankypunk: Good stuff with the tournament’s organization and having everything run so smoothly given all the shortcomings!

JaysonBoss: Shoutouts to me for knocking you back into retirement. jokes. I could tell you weren’t comfortable with the match-up at all =x.

Van Hyuk: So I learned this weekend that Vega’s jab outprioritizes my c.short because its disjointed. That thing is more obnoxious than Balrog’s jab lol. I combed my hair into an emo haircut after the beating you gave me :(. Excellent showing as usual!

ThirtyHitCheapz: Thanks for making this happen, being mtl’s flagship and just being you. I always feel like I should be doing something as to not feel like I’m taking your hard work for granted. I don’t think anyone can be thankful enough for all that you do!~

Fidel Castro: Good talking! I shall model my future plans after you lol. In the meanwhile, NinjaCW won a tourney with Makoto :stuck_out_tongue: (starts around 41:00) everything’s possible if you put the time! (to an extent)

T-Double Turbo: That’s what you get for trying to make me feel bad for not joining your team aha. Sorry I had to sabotage your efforts! Why are we so good?!

psychochronic: So many roses came out of the woodwork since Super, but yours was really something else and easily the best to attend the tourney. It’s so hard to formulate a gameplan when everything you do is so safe~

Karamba: I wish I had your hands. no homo

Peter: Sigh! EX TTing my EX psycho for the win was so clutch and demoralizing. We’ll meet again online hopefully :wink:

Master Mao: Thanks for the pad thai! Next time make jamaican pates!

Jimmy Bones: Props for ranking so high with a newcomer. Your expertise truly shows here.

Song: Dude, you’re soo good but you always have heart attacks in compromising situations~ If you learn to control that, I could honestly see you making top 5 consistently~

FreddyLoco: Yeahhhhh, bison army is finally building up in mtl!

Chi-Rithy: :frowning: I’m done losing to you on the character select screen lol. I won’t ever win if I hold up half of the community on a pedestal. Next tourney I’m taking you out; y’all heard it here first! ahah. But I think that goes for more than just me, EC canada’s competition is really fierce, everyone has to step it up :o. Of course, major props are due for an excellent performance!

Snafoo: Only mtler to get in the money. Why are you so good?

Toronto: Thieves. Mtl likes to get loud but you guys still remain so solid. Another wake up call this close to EVO calls for

Sorry if I forgot anybody!

Good shit to all Toronto players in attendance and especially to JS for winning it. His brag will be too unbearable now, I may have to invest in a pair of earplugs. =)
Also will brackets be posted?

GGs to everyone I played. Shit was mad hype. Hope it gets better next year!

Woolie, I wasn’t there Friday. My name shouldn’t be in SSFIV Teams.

now if I only had planned with a real team…

Nice to see representation from XBL, GGPO, and PSN amongst the HDR winners (and 2 new tourney faces at that if I’m not mistaken).

Thanks to the crew (Crankypunk, MasterMao, Heero, ThirtyHitCheapz) and ESC for hosting this amazing event making everything go smoothly. This was my first tournament so I’m glad I came out and supported the scene by entering. That said, I got to meet and play some pretty cool people.

Thelo: Nice to finally meet you in person. Were you surprised when I sat down and started our first casual match after playing that same match over and over again online? Haha I knew I was hyped up when I saw you on a winning rampage in casuals and I was thinking “Oh shit, how to approach this…”.

Jimmy: Scary Balrog man. Contra told me you had one of the most scariest Balrogs in ST. Never seen you in action and you definitely raped my ass in our first game of HDR teams and showed me you meant business. You taught me a new thing; I kept falling for your jump-in, c.jab into headbutt after conditioning me into being cautious of grabs. You’re a cool guy though.

Mad Zero: Dude you’ve got a nice Dee Jay game going on. At first I thought you were just another average Dee Jay player but then I saw you land that crossup combo into super and then I was like, “This guy can pull off some serious shit if he wanted to”. And then you going on to OCV our team in that money match? WTF. I didn’t expect myself to go out like that but major props to you for winning your team some free money. Good stuff.

JED07: Nice guy, good commentator and strong player. I usually don’t have much problems against Bison players but you can play your mix ups and mind games well. Probably one of the few Bison players I’ve encountered to have me second guess my moves. Though I heard from Contra you hate playing as Honda, but you seemed to use him quite frequently so I don’t know what’s up with that. Good games though.

psychochronic: Yo even though we only played once, you still got a pretty strong Chun game going on from what I could see from playing our match and watching you play other people. I checked out your YouTube channel on JED07’s suggestion and god damn you’ve got a shit load of videos. Watched a few of them and they were some quality stuff. Keep up the good work, maybe you can upload some of the videos from M.A.T (hopefully?)?

Kai: Caught you chillin’ outside when I stepped out for some air (god damn it was immensely hot in there). You’re a cool guy, props to you for playing even though you’re more of a social player than a competitive one. Always good to meet new people (and you are right, Montreal has some of most down-to-earth and chilled people I’ve ever met).

Brockville guy that plays Bison: Sorry man I didn’t catch your name, but just wanted to say good timing and precision on your Bison close short into grab ticks. I used to be able to get away with that but I guess it was mostly from online bullshit. Good games though.

I probably wouldn’t have made it this year if it wasn’t for Contra needing a team (by the way, thanks Thelo for introducing us lol), and having my supporters hyping me up before my matches (Contra, Grokslam, iRockTheVote). I also got to meet up with some local Ottawa players (blitzfu, Lofobal, and the guy who played purple Balrog and black Chun [sorry I didn’t catch your name]) too which was cool.

Respect and thanks to everyone who was giving congratulations and to all those who I got to play and talk to, and to the hosters and providers of M.A.T. Had a ton of fun and everyone was boss.

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Singles:

  1. Chi-Rithy
  2. weaksaucemafia
  3. Eric Hai
  4. FreddyLoco
  5. JS Master
  6. DarkDragon
  7. CB
  8. Song
  9. One and Only
  10. Gillette
  11. Contra
  12. Basics
  13. Than
  14. Jensine
  15. Fidel Castro
  16. Andrew

So yeah here we go time to thank everyone.

Thanks to The ESC Circuit for giving Montreal a Qualifier.
Thanks to Myself, Heero, MasterMao, ThirtyHitCheapz, MTLer. Drekken, RXS for running Venue , Brackets , Stream (got the day it worked hehe).
Thanks to the Food selling help: Myself, JiiGs, Anna, Smoon, Vic, my Girlfriend and whoever else i forget.
Thanks to everyone from MTL that came to support this amazing community we have.
Thanks to Everyone from out of town that came to MAT to make this event successful.

Congratulations to JS Master for taking the 1st place , 200$ Bonus cash from + Trophy and Gold Medal
Congratulations to Snafoo for taking 2nd place , ESC Qualifier Spot + Silver Medal
Congratulations to Ehai for taking 3rd place + Bronze Medal

Video and pictures to come soon to

Thank you all again and see you all soon with something new that will hit the city of MTL Get ready and GET HYPE !

One last thing good job Team FADF (me, Kai, Brown) we didnt finish in the bottom last this time its a good sign :slight_smile:

Also i think once we hit over 64man brackets we should start making 32 players Pools because we end up with crazy stupid amounts of Buys in the brackets and number are not correct for the bottom part of the rankings … Kai finishing 97th when we didnt even have 97 players and loosing his two 1st games just like i did and i was 49th … duno man we need to step up in the bracket market because it makes no sense at all to me to end with results like that …

Get Hype


In HD Remix, if I remember correctly, Mad Zero and Lofobal got 5th place, Song and someone else (Psychochronic?) got 7th. That’s just from memory though, I could be wrong.

Super props to everyone there, I had a great time!

Shoutouts to Ottawa for kicking some serious ass in HDR.

HDR results

  1. Genejin
  2. Jimmy Bones
  3. Blitzfu
  4. Thelo
  5. Lofo
  6. Song
  7. Mad Zero
  8. Contra
  9. Bicho25
  10. Evil Canadian

Me and a few other guys got 13th I believe. I didn’t get the rest.

I’ll post a trip log in the Brantford thread later on today summarizing my weekend.

Congrats to the two Erics and Snafoo on top 3!

JS, can’t really say anything else but good shit once again.

Snafoo, sick sim, looking forward to playing it when u come down

Eric Hai, your day is coming man.

The stream died durring the final match of the Teams Finals. we were all SO PISSED OFF.

Church basements =/= Wifi hotspots.

It’s a miracle we got a connection going there at all, for a while it looked like it was going to be recordings only.

It’s because guys like us bring the magic!!!

Mad props to everyone involved in the making of that tournament, that was fun.

Special shoutout to Master Chef Mao, epic food as always.

And a special mention also to Bento for the most exciting match I had at MAT.
That shit was too close.

Now I need to stop changing characters every tournament and relearning matchups at last minutes :
That’s it, no more screwing around, I’m sticking to Rose and Viper now.

MAT was mad crazy yo!! I had a blast at my first offline tourney in years, and it was great to finally meet some great ST/HDR players.

Many thanks to the organizers crankypunk, master mao and ThirtyHitCheapz and other people for making this happen and allowing me to come out and participate in a great HDR tourney. Special thanks to the bracket organizers and video capture guys Jimmybones, JED and psychochronic, I really appreciate all your hard work and I’m looking forward to seeing those vids!

It was awesome to meet Thelo in person and see what his nasty Honda is like up close LOL. Also, great to finally meet the Ottawa players GeneiJin, Sage, Lofobal and Contra, we gotta get our own tourney going sometime. Congrats to Jimmybones and Thelo for winning the Teams and mad congrats to GeneiJin for taking singles! I’mma have to step up my game and not play so shitty next time we play. Also good games to Song, Mad Zero, Bicho25, Evil Canadian and everybody else I played.

Edit: it’s blitzfu not bliztfu, thanks. = J