Monster: The online tournamant thread!

Alot of people in the IRC room have been really wanting a tourny for sometime now so I think its about time we gave it to them. With the new update coming, I really believe that Sho’k the creator will fix alot of the online issues as he has already expressed himself in doing so. And since the net code for this game is so good, Doing a tournament seems to be only fair.

If you have a router, PLEASE make sure you have forwarded port 2300(tcp) If you have questions on how to forward ports please visit The tourny date hasnt been set because the next update has not been released yet. So once it is released. We will set a date for this tournament.

Also if you are interested in joining this tournament. I HIGHLY suggest you download MIRC and join the IRC room that has been set up for this. #8105monster on efnet. this is where everything will take place. So post up if you are interested!

Woo, Tourney! I suspect that the winner will be either Othello, Delga or Siely… but fight on we shall! Unknown as whether I’ll be using Maya or Katze as a main… don’t feel like getting owned by Rail players if I switch to Maya.

Im pretty sure fooligar will win…if he uses Ryouga in Freedom. Not sure if I’ll be up to this, I’ll post when the actual update is released.

I’ll play, though that’s only if you want me to bring the lag. Anyone not close to west coast becomes pretty bad for me.

Stupid island.

Unless fooligar uses Ryuogen! :stuck_out_tongue:

I will be entering this tourny playing F ryougen as well as all groove siely

I can tell you what the finals are gonna be now. Me vs fooligar =P

can a joystick be hooked up to this?


How come we’ve never fought?

Because im not able to play online anytime soon =(… Im on a college connection and I wont be able to play until i get home =(

Dont mind me though, Im just talking random shit. When i get back online I will get fucked up lol due to not playing anyone at all lol.

put me down for playing a mean orju… haha… atleast playing.

someone care to explain how to config a joystick via USB with this?

I’m down. Othelleo or Maya will be my character.

put me down (plz dont make me fight any WC’ers D:)

I’m down…

Monster Delga Power!

hopefully it’s at a time I can play.

I’m in. I’ll be repping Aleksandr.

Me and orthello.

I cant connect to any Mirc servers, I just got the program…its such a fucking headache.

I have a router but I’ve still been able to play… would forwarding ports do anything? Do I need to? The only problems I’ve had is not being able to ever connect to certain players, which seems that a lot of others have the same problem.

I’m in, M Othello.

Hmmmm, I’m down. I’ll probably be playing Alek or Ryougen. Leaning on Alek cuz I’m too lazy to learn how to play freedom Ryougen. -_-