Mods close thread please

Selling a street fighter x tekken te stick (xbox 360) I won in a raffle at CEO this weekend. Also selling a rj45 modded mvc3 te stick ( comes with 360/ps3 cord, ps2 cord and gamecube cord. A ps3 ce stick with everything sanwa. Only used no more than three times. And last but not least a copy of sfxt for the xbox 360 lol…

360 Sfxt stick - 165
Rj45 stick- 250
Ps3 ce stick- 65
Sfxt- 35

Shipping is included in all prices… I’m at work right now so i don’t have any pics but ill post as soon as I get home… willing to negotiate with prices as well… hmu if interested.

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Might be interested in ps3 se? Stick…would like to see pics tho when u habe a chance.

Price drop…
Sfxt pro 100
Rj45 modded te 200
Ps3 se 60
Sfxt 20

shipping is 20 for the sticks… sfxt game is free shipping

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I’ll buy the sfxt. is it overused?

the stick is brand new./… never been opened… won it at CEO

Is shipping included for sfxt

20 for shipping… 4got to re edit my post… still a good deal imo

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Where do you live ???

Sorry just looked at yOur profile I’m in cali so yeah are you sure it’s 20 shipping ???

Are u genuinely interested cuz all I’ve seen u do is troll people’s threads sayin you’re interested, make offers then don’t follow through…there has been plenty of good deals on here that you should’ve found an arcade stick by now…just sayin.

Okay first of I found a stick and second mind your own business because I wasn’t even on here for a stick I was on here for a game so please just because I didn’t follow through with your deal cause I would of if I had the money but I didn’t get paid till that Friday and you sold it by then it’s tough times so just mind your own business please and sorry for the post darkhokage

Lmao…not 10 min after u pm’d me u were making offers in other threads and even low ballin on a few…so I knew u were gonna flake lol…I’m only calling you out on it because its not fair to the sellers on here that are willing to work with people then have them flake when other opportunities could’ve come along. I was trying to be a jerk per se, I had a genuine question for u, u answered albeit a lil butt hurt, because I called u out…but i don’t wanna derail darkhokage’s thread anymore…sorry bro…wont hijack ur thread glws’s

Yea I’m sure… and i live in south Florida

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mods close thread please. there is no interest so im not selling anymore… thanks