MODOK Neutral Game Help Please?

Having a very tough time with how to play MODOK when it comes to neutral game. Most of the combos I can do with little to no problems, but Im struggling on how to get the hit and how to prevent people from hitting me? Can someone give me a small overview on how to play his neutral game, if it isn’t too much to ask? Any certain thing you guys do?

Team is either gonna be MODOK/Cap/Taskmaster, Haggar/MODOK/Doom or MODOK/Doom/Phoenix btw.

  • Stay in the air a lot, and expose a lot of character’s who don’t have anti-air assists. Just watch Frusty’s matches, a lot of people struggle to get MODOK from the ground.

-MODOK’s flight lasts for 5 sec, MODOK can stay longer in the air than any other character in the game. He destroys characters like Iron Fist for example

-MODOK can block both his regular jump and in his flight mode. You can cancel your normals/Dash into flight on whiff to keep MODOK safe. You would unfly only when you whiff a normal on flight mode. Keep in mind MODOK’s flight mode is one of the fastest in the game, is easily as fast as Morrigan is.

  • MODOK can’t chicken block with a regular jump, but he can chicken block by super jumpING. Try to practice super jumping to escape pressure.

  • Cubes/Barriers/Bomb do not dissapear if MODOK is hit. All you need to do is make sure the move is active, and it will automatically protect you.

-Don’t forget that MODOK can call assist in mid air if he doesn’t super jump . You can do a double upward dash>Body attackx2>Flight or Use any ground normal> Body Attack’s upward>Dashx2>Flight, and you can still call assists.

  • MODOK’s Stand M and Cr.H MODOK’s longest and best ground pokes. Fun Fact: Stand M beats Armor Normals, and most of his normals are disjointed from MODOK’s body.

  • Body attack/Battering ram is use for mobililty.

  • MODOK’s stand L is just as good as Deadpool/Magneto’s anti air L. His Cube L is also a good anti-air.

  • MODOK uses J.L, J.M, and J.S to apporach. J.L is best for close range, J.M is best for mid/long range, and J.S is useful for crossups, or people below you.

Watch this vid or go to MODOK 101 thread.

This is the best team for MODOK.

Haggar’s lariat is a great Cross Counter, and assist that helps MODOK create space between himself. Doom’s missile break combos, control space, and MODOK can protect Doom. MODOK can DHC into Doom’s finger laser super to make MODOK’s invincible super safe on block. MODOK’s ballon bomb ignores all projectiles including Vergil’s spiral sword super BTW. Haggar can use IT to create mixups, make his whiff command grab safe, extend combos,etc.

that team is best but id prefer an order like modok/haggar / doom just to get the most mileage out of modok damage. easy to use with a
Both assists with a combo plus modok start if game neutral is unparalleled

I disagree on best team for MODOK, I believe haggar is unnecessary

out of the three that were mentioned?

Ironboy is right about Battering Ram. Its main use is for moving around, especially since MODOK is kinda clunky when it comes to moving. Battering Ram is like a super dash: it travels a really long distance, it hits the enemy, it is 8-way, and you can perform three ones before touching the ground! IN ADDITION to your regular dash! Which gives MODOK insane air mobility.

Also, MODOK is surprisingly good at mixing keepaway with zoning. He has the tools to keep people at bay and zone them out. That’s actually my advice for you: try to play MODOK as a zoning character first and foremost, and when the opponent isn’t expecting it, BAM! throw in some MODOK rushdown. That’s what I think the perfect gameplan for MODOK is: 70% zoning, 30% rushdown. If you can mix these two strategies, you will have a great neutral game. Good ol’ big head is in fact the most unlikely of the jack-of-all-trades characters. Be warned, though, rushing down with MODOK isn’t self-explanatory.

Here, check out some Elvergon to have a good visual of a good MODOK neutral game: