It’s time to get it on 1980’s WWF style–only we’re trading in Big Leg Drops and Avalanche Elbows for Wall Dives and Butt Slams…but only one team can be champion. Who will prevail?
Organizer: KAOSPIDER & (anyone that would like to help a tournament organizing neophyte)
NEW DATE: Thursday, May 13th 2010
Many people have pointed out that a Friday is a difficult day. Getting as many quality players together as possible at the same time is my primary goal. Thus, I’ve shifted it ahead by a day…“final answer!” Ha!
Time: 9:30 pm ET, 8:30 pm CT, 7:30 pm MT, 6:30 pm PT
Sign Up: Up to 16 two-man teams can participate. If/when the allotted 16 slots are filled, a waiting list will begin.
Prize: The satisfaction of lording bragging rights over the heads of your admiring competitors. Hey, I just shelled out hundreds of dollars for my brother’s birthday and mother’s day (add a graduation present to the mix)–a prize wasn’t feasible at this point.
Rules: Punctuality is key. We will start promptly in the hopes of making this a quick, efficient and fun event. Please be available in time for instructions in pre-tournament chat room. From the time instructions are given, teams will have five minutes to begin their matches. If not, the missing team/teams will be disqualified.

If a match cannot be started due to network error, please contact the organizer so attempts can be made to work through it. (E.g. the organizer creates a room for team members to face off.)

In the unfortunate and unlikely case that two teams cannot face each other even after organizer intervention, a No Contest will be declared and both teams will be eliminated for the sake of fairness.

If one member of a team shows and another does not, the available team member (who is now the entire team) will have the option of going at it alone in a handicap match or forfeiting. In the case of an extremely high number of no shows, the tournament will have to be terminated. Please don’t let this happen. It’s only one day for cripes sake!

Teams will provide their rotation (that is, who will lead and who will anchor for each team match) to the organizer via Private Message. This team order will be available to the organizer only and not to your competitors.

Players will remain with the same character for the entire tournament. E.g. If a team consisting of Rice (Cammy) and Rugal Bernstein (Blanka) was formed, the players will use those characters for the whole event.

Matches will be SINGLE ELIMINATION, SINGLE MATCH, 2 of 3 ROUNDS. The winner of the first match will stay in the room and invite the second member of the opposing team. When both players on a given team have lost, that team is eliminated.

The seeding will be random–I knew that my old ping pong lotto machine would come in handy for something besides drying my underwear. :wgrin:

North American players are preferred but exceptions can be made (looking at you philcito). No one can guarantee lag free matches so I won’t be the first to. Thus, be prepared to nut up or shut up when it comes to lag. In very extreme cases, if the lag is utterly ridiculous, contact the organizer. He will attempt to create a room/prompt players to restart systems. If a connection acceptable to both teams cannot be established, a No Contest will be declared.

Please provide your character when you sign up.
Finally, team names are welcome but not necessary.

Aside from that, if you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to comment. If anyone can help to record some matches please let me know.



  1. Rice247 (Fei Long) & djmassif (Balrog) [Confirmed]
  2. Engravings (Vega) & GNX (Chun Li) [Confirmed]
  3. Coth X (Ken) & Hadouken696969 (Ryu) – Super Shoto Brothers [Confirmed]
  4. HAD0-KING (Ryu) & Rashid-O (Zangief) [Confirmed]
  5. MisterEgoTrip (Honda) & Str8crazy (Blanka) [Confirmed]
  6. Lee4eva (Ryu) & Imperial_X (Ryu) [Confirmed]
  7. Rugal Bernstein (Blanka) & djreign78 (Blanka) [Confirmed]
  8. SP_Wesker215 (Guile) & Cauldrath (Chun Li) [Confirmed]
  9. HBK1231 (Guile) & LIONHAWK (Ryu) [Confirmed]
  10. Sliphole79 (Vega) & Vegas HunnyBunny (Vega) [Confirmed]
  11. Titan Arch (Ken) & SRK_Boxer (Balrog) [To be confirmed]**

Anyone who wants to be in my team hit me up (Yes I am in).

I am also able to record the matches now.

You already know I’m in.

Same as what Rugal said. Yell at me. Hope I can deliver.

I’m in… Provided I can find a partner. Who wants to team up with an annoying chun player?

im in. vegas hunnybunny is my teamate. thanks.

is there a restriction on akuma? please say yes. and is there a stick to character rule?

Those are good points Sliphole. Yes, Akuma is banned. Also, the character that you select will be the character that you use for the ENTIRE tournament. I’ll make a notation in the rules section. Thanks for the thoughts.

LOL dammit… May is a busy month for me. I have a bachelor’s to attend on May 14th. I have to pass yet again! Friday is a good medium too for both weekday and weekend preferences but unfortunately, my weekend starts on Friday lol. Have fun homies.

wow…on my mom’s Bday…wow…:grrr:

Man Fridays is not good for me. I’m hardly ever around until late on Fridays.

I suppose I can, I will know closer to the date for sure.

If I do, KEN FTW!

I’d like to play but with my crazy schedule I won’t be able to commit ahead of time. Is it OK if I just jump into the NHC chat room a little before the tourney if I can make it and I could team up with anyone who didn’t have a partner or whose partner didn’t show up? Or if there is no one to partner with and an empty slot I could one-man-army it. How much time before the tourney would I have to do that if it was OK?

I just don’t want to team up ahead of time and then not be able to make it and let my partner down.

I should be able to get home from work in time.

Anyone down to team up with a fei or cammy?

If this shit changes to Thursday, I’ll team up with you Rice.

I appreciate the courtesy you’re showing for your potential partner. Thanks! It’s a classy move…for a Honda player. Joking! Tell you what: if there are still team slots available the day or we have a no-show of I’ll make a concession for you. You (and your partner if you can still find one) could be included.
I’ll be on at least 20 minutes beforehand so if you could show up around then that would be great.
Until then, I’ll just add you to the waiting list if that’s fine with you. Sound good?

Count me in. I need a partner. Reign, wanna be my partner? :wink: I keed, I keed.

Seriously though, who wants to team up?

I’d prefer a ryu to team up with me, since the super shoto bros. are unbeatable!

hey im taking applications for a partner. please send your resume to hadouken696969@fbspamurass.com

Me and hado? That could work. :woot:

Unfortunately, I won’t know if I’m available for this tourney until the week before. That’s when I get my work schedule. I’ll refer to this thread as soon as I know whether or not I’m available. Hopefully not everyone will have found a partner by then.