Modeverything anyone?

Anyone know if this guy or guys are still around and if they still build custom joysticks. I was on their website but their email doesn’t work. If you’re out there and anyone knows how to contact him, please let me know I woudl greatly appreciate it. Looking to get about 4 joysticks built.

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lawl, you need an iori avvy before your complete :).

Providing a link would be helpful, but anyways, if your looking to get 4 sticks built, a lot of people on these forums would happily build one for you… For a price…

iori avvy? What’s this, sorry I’m an noob.

The site was

What I’m looking for mainly is a good performance joystick with great looks, graphics are good too but not necessary. I really liked the Stealth ( one on, and while searching I also really liked the Street Fighter Anniversary Arcade Stick by Nubytech. The graphics are sweet on it. I am looking to purchase around four of these joysticks, but I have priced them on Nubytech and the cost for each is $59.99 US for each. US $239.96 + $81.25 UPS shipping = US $321.21. Approx. $361.458 CAD

This is quite expensive for me. I was wondering if anyone on these forums could build me 4 joysticks like the Stealth and/or like the Street Fighter Anniv. Stick, or something equivalent to these or better at a cheaper cost than what I would have to pay for the 4 Street Fighter ones, for cheaper than the quote up above including the shipping and in Canadian dollars if possible.

What I was also wondering is some of the Street fighter anniv. cases with graphics from broken controllers maybe(you might know where to get some new or used ones but still in good condition and/or at a cheaper cost from some other source).
Also some better buttons and controllers for the Street Fighter ones for I read some reviews and supposedly the buttons and controllers aren’t the best but still good. And I would prefer the Start and Select Buttons not to be either above the Stick or the other buttons, but in between like the stealth.

Or maybe someone has a better alternative for a good performance joystick. I have also looked at the Hori ones and they are just as or even more expensive.


You should talk to Finkle on the trading forums. not only does he make great custom sticks, but he also lives in canada, so you could save a good bit getting a custom from him. he does great work, too.

sweet thannks,

now is Finkle his username?

and is the trading forums a section in this forum?


No one will build you 4 custom sticks for the price you ask. Retail sticks will almost always be more expensive than custom sticks mainly because retail sticks do not typically use arcade authentic parts.

You can find the Street Fighter Anniversary sticks for much cheaper than $60 each though. Here is a link to a person that is selling two refurbished sticks for $50 plus shipping:

EDIT: Just to give you an idea of what custom sticks go for, the cheapest you are likely to find is still going to be over $100 plus shipping with Happ parts. For a Japanese parts stick you’re looking at probably at least $150 plus shipping. Upper end customs go for over $200 plus shipping.


oh well that sucks for me, but thanks for the link though i’ll check it out. the more money i can save the better.

however i do have another question. I had 2 Hori Fighting stick SS for the Sega Saturn and they were awesome sticks. Lasted me over ten years and they just recently broke. buttons and the stick doesn’t work properly.

anyone know if I can fix these with replacement parts. and what parts to get and where to get them. links would be helpful.


Hmm, pardon my injoke, it seems to be totally unfounded. I feel as delusional as hamlet right now. I think it is because I have to read this goddamn play in 3 days.

But anyways, ABout your two hori fighting sticks. I believe those things use crappy stock parts that no one really cares about. Of course, these stock parts are not very uniform so you probably wont be able to find somebody with a part exactly the same so tha tyou can replace them. Your best bet is to mod it with sanwa/seimitsu parts, which is rather complicated… Anyawys, if yo uactually want to try that, this forum is a good place to start your research…

Hori Fighting Stick SS and PS won’t fit Sanwa JLF sticks at normal height no matter what you do. you can fit Seimitsus in there after taking a lot of plastic out. the buttons are simple though, you just have to swap them out. use snap ins since screwtype buttons will hardly fit.

Hey mutha,

Just to let you know, I tried to go the least expensive route and build my own using kevin’s badass stick layout on the original custom stick thread. I had access to a woodshop at the time so I didn’t need to buy tools. Well in the end I ended up spending over $100 on materials and using happ parts, not including time. It turned out and worked really well and the only thing I didn’t put on was the T-molding for the top control panel. Now if you can’t woodwork and solder then the only route you have is to buy a retail stick and be done with it or get someone to build you one. I’d highly recommend at least buying the SFAC stick and putting happ parts or buying the one with happ parts already in it because the buttons on there suck. The thing is, after I hand built my first one, all my friends wanted one too and the Pelican Real Arcade sticks were just coming out. So I just bought those, put a PsOne PCB in there but left the rest of the stick stock for them and the parts still felt cheap. Well they’ve moved onto other hobbies and I recently got those sticks back so I dismantled my old stick I built and put my happ parts in the Pelican case. Point is, at least buy a retail stick but put good parts in, basically what everyone else says. At least one store near me still has the T5 stick so you might also want to check some Gamestops in your area. 0.02

thanks for the replies guys,

for my hori sticks you guys know where i can get Seimitsus parts in north america? and what ur saying leaveal is that i can put in a Seimitsus stick but i would have to do some modding of the plastic inside? i don’t think it woudl be too hard cause i have a dremel tool should make it easier.

thats the thing if i had the time and access to the tools i could do it myself. i can solder but like i said no time. i think i am goign that route though. I’m in the process of getting 4 refurbished SFAC sticks for $29.99 each from but still waiting for him to pm for totals and stuff. and when i get time I’ll order the HAPP parts and mod them.