Moderation and rules for the Pacific Northwest forum

Be excellent unto each other. If somebody is not being excellent to one another, PM me. I’m full of love joy and kittens, but I want other people to be treated with at least a little respect. I’ll lay down the law if I need to.

Don’t troll. If you are having problems interacting with others, get help. No, really. Your life will be better. It’s cool if you need validation in your life, but uh you know what: the internet is just NOT the place to get it. Go volunteer or do useful real world things.

If stickies are out of date, PM me and I’ll desticky stuff. Earn your sticky by keeping it up to date.
If you want something stickied, PM me.

Also, I don’t think having 20 things stickied is a good plan. Ideally we sticky REALLY important useful stuff and stuff that is happening pretty soon.

So if you want to add a sticky, maybe also propose what I should unsticky. =\