Modding the VFHG Stick with a 360 pad

Hi all,

I want to get my High Grade stick ready for Street Fighter 4 this XMas but I haven’t got a spare pad to solder it upto. What I wanted to know is…

  1. Which wired 360 pads can I buy which will definately work. I was told about finding one which doesn’t use a “shared ground”?

  2. Is there a way I can add a rocker switch so I can keep the PS3 support on the stick as well? I thought you could just make the USB wires switch between the two boards by using a rocker switch but I have no idea how to do that…

  1. look for the madcatz or gamestop branded pads like this

  2. follow this how to

hey akuma, do you know any specific info on the markings of vshg, which denotes if the pcb has been corrected. i know you’ve owned a ton of em. right now i have marking s which doesnt seem to have any input problems.

ones i’ve come across had m, s, or no marking at all.

all the ones i’ve come across had problems registering 3 button inputs in games like t5dr on ps3 and 3 button presses in mame games like sf alpha series level 3 supers. like you can do the moves but its inconsistent in how they come out.

in vf5 3 button presses work fine in m and s engraving. i main el blaze so pkg sabaki’s and quick recovering out of rocket discharge mixups are important.

in sthd original mode and sc4 i have no problem doing 3 button presses either. at this point though i only had vshg’s that had m engravings.

i tested a bunch of ps2 games awhile back and had no problems doing 3 button presses either in any game, even in regular t5. i think i tested every fighting game out there that had a 3 button input. not that it matters because ps3 bc has lag anyways.

unfortunately i don’t know the difference in engravings or if one is better than the other.

Thanks for the guide :slight_smile: Now I have to find these pads in the UK! I hope there are some good deals on for these!