Modding the PS4/PS3 Venom Stick for a Beginner

Hey everyone!

Picked up my first stick today (Venom PS4/PS3 stick). Researched that the buttons are quick release and easy to swap out for Sanwa. I’m in the the UK and I’m shopping around for the best replacement buttons. Anyone know the best place to go for genuine buttons and what sort of price is reasonable? I’ve found offers like this on eBay:

But being a newbie I wanna make sure I’m picking up the right stuff.

In the meantime, anyone have any tips for dealing with the fact that the current R1 button sticks when you press it :neutral: Really rains on my parade because I was so excited to break it in today.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice! :smile:

Those are real Sanwa buttons, you just need to wait a few weeks for them to be delivered as they’ll come from Asia.

If you want to pay almost double the price but have them sooner then order from ArcadeworldUK.

This is a good place for buttons in the UK.

Thanks guys! Managed to get 8x Sanwa OBSF 30 buttons for a couple of a quid more in the colour I wanted too. Much appreciated!

Opened up the body and popped out the sticking button. It seemed fine once I took it out but gets a bit freaky again when I put it back in. Seems good now though.