Modding Tatsunoko SE Stick For 360

So i picked up a Tatsunoko Wii stick real cheap and gutted it, replaced it with Sanwa buttons and JLF. Im going to put a standard fight pad hack in there and as im deciding how to wire it up i realize that i dont have a guide button. The button that used to be the guide button sits on a PCB (like the buttons on a 360 controller), so there is no + and - to solder to. Whats a good work around? I could drill a hole in the side and mount a 24mm button there but id rather not. If you guys want pics let me know and ill upload some.


you probably won’t even need to solder as there should be wires coming off the PCB to interface with the main PCB, you can simply use those instead.

if you still want to solder… there should be a + and - you can solder to on the PCB, you may have to scrape it yourself but there should be something there.

probably best to post a picture of the PCB so someone can point out exactly what you should do. this guy seemed to have no problem

The main pcb is under the home panel and it doesn’t have a home signal wire going to some other place. You’ll have to solder the home signal from the 360 pcb to the home signal contact on the wii pcb. You’ll also have to wire the 5v and gnd from the 360 pcb to wii pcb too.

Alternatively, you can remove the PCB entirely, and put your own contacts/switches on a piece of perf-board, like I did:

Woah! You guys rule!

FreedomGundam, do you have a picture of the top of the stick, or is it just the regular panel? And what is some advice for attaching the USB Feed Through? i have one but dont know if i want to risk ruining the plastic if i mess up.

The top of my stick looks pretty stock, other than stick and button swaps. I kept the stock Turbo and Home buttons.

For the Neutrik pass-through, you’ll just need to drill out a 24mm hole somewhere. The place where I put it isn’t exactly the best place; it’s not practical to fiddle with the PCB if needed.