Modding SE with Seimitsu - Flat Mounting Plate or SS Plate?

Hey guys,

I have been looking through the internet and the forums for sometime; but can’t find an answer to this problem…

After looking through for an easy mod; I got a SE Mad catz fightstick.

I am itching to mod it into a PS3/360 stick (with the help from Toodle’s ChimpSMD), and replacing the joystick with a Seimitsu LS32 (after reading reviews and comments it seems I would like to try it instead of the Sanwa parts).

Since the only shop I have experience with (Lizard Lick) is out of the LS32-01; I kept looking through the boards for another shop that might have it in stock.

However, after looking around, I got a bit confused.

Over at Lizard Lick they have the LS32-01 (which I believe is the one I need) with a SS plate ( SS Plate LS32-01.

And over at Focus Attack, they have the LS32-01 with a Flat Mounting Plate ( Flat Plate LS32-01

The mod I saw over (and would like to follow) at Pinecone Attack! shows the stick with the SS Plate, but doesn’t mention if you can use the Flat Panel LS32-01 as well.

It boils down to, Can I replace the SE joystick with a Flat Mounting LS32-01 or do I need to wait and buy the SS LS32-01 from Lizard Lick??

Thanks for reading.

your going to need the SS. if you grab the flat, the stick will be mounted way too low.

LS-32-01 only comes with SS Mounting plate, from the manufacturer, at least. What confuses me is why they’re swapped. I know Focusattack was selling them with the option of plate, or to buy both when they were first around. But, yes, you need SS mounting plate, the RE mounting plate will make your shaft significantly shorter.

I don’t get why they would do that. Maybe they’re out of SS plates, but LS-32-01 comes with SS plate. And they’re usually selling to people who want to swap their joystick and buttons out in TEs, which need SS mounting plates… I don’t know. Or why they sell the S sanwa mounting plate, I hardly ever see those used. I don’t know. Just wait for lizardlick, because it’s making more sense to me from them.

Or you could order They order parts straight from the manufacturers when enough orders accumulate (only takes a few days), and with EMS shipping, it ships to the US in about 3-5 days. You can get your parts in about a week. And their LS-32-01 comes with the proper plate, too.

Thanks guys, I was just about to order the Flat Mounted LS-32-01…

I did order the Chimps from Lizard Lick, and it appears they will be here as my valentine’s gift… ^_^’

I will keep an eye out for the stock SS Mounted LS-32-01, any other stores beside ?


Also note that an LS-32 and an LS-32-01 are different in that the -01 variants of Seimitsu uses a 5 pin harness like in the SE/TE. The non 01 has direct switch terminals.