Modding my SE - Help!

Yesterday I bought one of the new “Brawl Sticks” for PS3 and I want to replace the stick and buttons with the same Sanwa parts that are in the TE sticks. I am looking on Lizard Lick and there are a lot of different choices for the stick and buttons. Can anyone tell me the model of stick and model of buttons that come with the Madcatz TE sticks, I’d like to order those parts because it’s what I am used to. If the exact parts aren’t available can someone recommend which parts I should buy? Thanks a lot!

You’ll want these:

Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK Joystick

Sanwa 30mm Snap-In Buttons

The joystick doesn’t come with a balltop so you can choose to use the one with the stock parts to save some or buy one of these (note there are other options on the site, I’m just giving the one that is identical to the TE):

Sanwa 35mm Ball Tops

Although not necessary, you might want a tight fit on your joystick harness. Get this:
JLF-TE Harness for MadCatz FightSticks

Nice man, thanks a lot for the quick informative reply.