Modding a Tekken Hybrid Namco Arcade Stick

Ok, I just bought one of the 1,000 Namco Tekken Hybrid arcade sticks. I’m asking one simple question… how the hell do I get the panel off to replace the gate!? I can’t find a video or anything anywhere about it. I’m competing at Momo-Con and I bought this arcade stick at a store with some credit I had, and I already had an Xbox one. I plan to take my modded Octo-Gate out of the Xbox one and put it into my new PS3 one, but I can’t open it. Help please cause I need it done by Thursday!

You know you can just unscrew the bottom metal plate, right?

You can also take the top panel off with a bit of careful effort, but the method above is much easier.

I normally do but something was keeping the panels from coming off. I think I just figured out what it was.

It’s just adhesive dude. Rip that shit off lol, then use some Goo Gone to get the remaining adhesive off.

(Don’t actually rip it off, but you’re gonna have to pull at it quite a bit, maybe once you have an edge off of the case, use something thin/flat like a knife to help get the rest of the panel off of the case.

The OP wants to replace a joystick, he doesn’t need to do any of that.


That’s exactly what I meant lol… the panel is glued to the case S: To lift the panel off the case (which is secured by adhesive) you need to pull it off.

I’m not talking about peeling the black artwork off of the metal panel. GG

The TE-S cases with full cover art have a small amount of adhesive holding the art to the edge of the top of the case. It’s just glue. I use plastic interior picks to separate the art/top panel from the plastic case so that I don’t scratch the ABS. I don’t recommend using Goo Gone on plastic. I would heat it with a blow dryer and peel with my fingers or use soft plastic picks like this:

Good little tools for your mod kit.

That’s exactly the adhesive I was referring to initially. But yeah maybe goo gone isn’t too good for plastic .-.

You seem very confused. The bottom metal plate is not glued to the case at all, it is screwed on with countersunk screws. Only the top panel has adhesive strips.

Once again, the OP does not need to touch the top part of the stick at all. He just needs to flip it upside down, unscrew the plate, and swap the joystick gate.