Modding a "Mod it" stick

Hi guys, this is my first post, so cheers.

Ive got a lot of questions on my mind right now, so I guess Im just going to start
I got this infinitely crappy stick for basically nothing off of ebay but I like its
size and heavy weight, so I thought I was going to mod it. Keep in mind that this is my
very first modding project, so I really have next to no clue what Im doing.
I already ordered Sanwa OBSF-24s and a JLF-TP-8YT, though they havent arrived yet.

So where am I gonna start, this is the stick, you might have seen it before.

And this is the mess inside.

Ok about putting in the Sanwa stick. I guess it wont fit, as the montage plate
is larger than the space Ive got available due to the right analog stick.
The old crappy stick is 75mm each side, and the Sanwa montage plate is 53mm x 95mm.

At first I thought simply removing the analog stick and its green thing (is that also
called a PCB, so the whole thing has like three of those?) would be the solution, but it seems
the stick is connected to the main pcb with the analog stick in between. So essentially
Id have to take the analog stick out, but leave it inside the case as I dont see
myself capable of doing more technical stuff than desolder and solder, right?
Is there a better (easy) solution to this, maybe anyone else has done this before?

So the next thing would be connecting the JLF to the wires coming from the analog stick.
The red wire is connected with every second prong, and a different colored wire to each
other prong. Please bear with me here, I try to formulate it as best as my crappy english
allows me to. The red wire is daisy chained, right? So Id have to desolder all that stuff
and daisy chain the smaller parts of red wire again. Then theres another two wires (red and black)
coming from a different spot on the analog stick (PCB?) going into that weight-thing on top of the stick.
Whats that thing anyways and What am I gonna do about that? Does the JLF have such a part too?

As for the buttons, it doesnt look all that bad, so I guess I can manage to change those.
Desolder all the wires, put in the new ones, daisy chain the metallic wire and solder
the other colored wires accordingly right?

Im not sure if said everything I wanted to, if anything else comes to my mind Ill continue
the noob-rant. It would be nice if you could try to keep the advanced technical phrases at a minimum, just
assume Ive got no knowledge whatsoever. I guess I can manage some of those with a dictionary, but since
I seem to lack any kind of technical skills and vocabulary even in my mother language Im still
struggling with all those terms :smiley:
So thanks in advance.


obsf 24 afaik are smaller D:!!

Um, I’m pretty sure that’s some form a Korean Saulabi stick, which means that a Korean Joystick and Korean 28mm/27mm buttons will fit. Not OBSF-24’s.

Haha, got the same stick but twice. The stick is not that bad ^^

Yes, it’s a Saulabi fake and like others say korean buttons could fit in. I also thought about removing the PCB for an arcade panel but got the same thoughts you had. those weird 3-part PCBs make me go insane. I just don’t know what you are allowed to remove and what not.

If you find a solution post it here so I know what to do :pleased:

I checked again, seems I messed up measuring the buttons. No idea what I was thinking. I compared the buttons to a technical drawing of the obsf30s with all the measurements, and they should fit.
Just in case they dont, where do I get Korean hardware?

I thought If I removed the right analog stick for space it wouldnt stop the right analog stick, buttons etc from working or am I wrong there?

PM laugh he’s the one that can get korean parts

That stick seems like an interesting…piece of work…

one thing is fore sure, it is the power stick for fighting game.

Yeah, the only real source for Korean parts would be from Laugh, out in Korea right now.

The innards of that stick seem almost non-euclidean. Rumble motor at the base of the stick? WTF.

I’d love to mod that thing.

I cant believe I really managed to do this.
Good news for everyone owning this stick, OBSF30 fit perfectly. Your only problem will be the JLF, since the holes for the screws arent really in the right places. After a lot of drilling and with spacers I got the stick to stay in place, I hope it does so in the future.
This is the finished stick:

Could take a pic of the wires? I’m interested how you dealed with all that chaos in the stick.:rofl:

Thats actually the embarassing part… I simply desoldered everything, swapped the parts and resoldered. It basically looks the same, I just hope Ill never have to open it and look inside again hehe.

Haha, alright then.:rofl: I thought you might have changed something inside the stick. Still an awesome job.:wink: