Modding a Madcatz Fightpad to mini Joystick. Ideas?

I have a brawl pad by Madcatz, it’s basically the same as their SF4 fightpads and I was thinking of a way I could maybe mod the dpad in a way where it’s a balltop stick. Sure it won’t be as precise as the real thing with a square gate, etc. but I’m thinking it could be like a mini joystick. Any thoughts?

First Thing I thought of was this

Hahaha. I thought the same thing:
(Gravis Gamepad)

Incidentally, I owned both back in the day.

Same here, I actually like the Gravis pad since the Dpad on on it (at the time maybe) felt pretty responsive. Could be the nostalgia talking though. The attachment was pure ass though, but who knows, maybe it will be good for someone now :slight_smile:

Oh wow lol That’s basically what I’m looking to do but to the brawl pad :stuck_out_tongue:
You guys think I’d be better off leaving it alone?

I’m guessing it’s not a good idea lol I’ll give it a try and post what I find out.