Modding a HRAP3 to Brook UBF in TYOOL 2018: PCB Hell

Just got one of these from EBay with the idea to fit a Brook UBF in then dual mod with a Jasen’s Customs MC Cthulhu. I already had an Ultra Ulia shell on standby for the same project and the idea was to have two sticks, one for shooting and one for fighting games.

Long story short: the Ultra Ulia clone is a SUBSTANTIAL upgrade. It doesn’t have a full control panel but it looks like it can be easily drilled at the back to fit the extra shit I need. The HRAP 3 plastic doesn’t feel quite as dope, the plexi on the ulia makes it heavier and easier to art mod and the toploading screws are so nice. But I’ve already stripped down the HRAP and I intend to modify it.

The PCB is one of those PS3 deals where instead of being cool and using a sub-pcb for the buttons they intergrated it with the logic functions. The buttons on the control panel are teeny tiny but there are four of them, along with a three-way switch for stick selection, and I’d like to use it all. The only “easy” thing to tap into is the turbo LED which has pronounced solder points. Everything else is a maze of components.

Has anyone done a Brook UFB mod lately and managed to retain all functions on the stick? I’d use the turbo button as the touchpad and probably just have the LED come on to indicate power. I think I can see solder points to tap into but my hands are kind of fucked up and soldering is really difficult. I have no means to obtain plexiglass or anything like that. This seems like a prime stick for an EZ MOD type solution, despite it’s age.

Hope that helps.

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That’s perfect and you’re a legend

Glad it helps out, thanks for the kind words but the real innovator is HibachiFinal, if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have run into mini vandal buttons.

i would love to have a re-3DPrint of that turbo guide for some buttons without having to drill them, mainly because my turbo panel still works but the tabs that screw to the rest of the stick are broken lol :frowning:

Also i have a hrapex which i don’t like that much because the panel has that headset port which i will never use :frowning:

This mod I made is completely reversible back to stock, nothing got drilled, nothing got hacked, everything is intact and ready in case I want to revert things back to normal.