Modding a Blaze Twin Stick

I am waiting for this to show up so I thought I would just use this as a log. Here are the plans so far:
Replace all main buttons with Seimitsu PS-14-KN
I will be covering the existing Start/Select etc with Artwork so I will move them to the top of the stick. Pretty sure they are 24mm so again Seimitsu.
I will be using Madcatz Street Fighter IV FightPad PCB’s. (Anyone have a map of this controller or even a log?)
Not sure about the stick yet. Going back and forth to see if I am adding LEDs to the stick as well.

If anyone has any templates for art that would be great.

Yes, you need to dremel if you want to use 30mm buttons, and that includes Seimitsu PS-14-KN.

Seimitsu PS-14-KN has 34mm of distance from below the rim to the tip of lugs (In comparison, sanwa OBSN-30 is 35.5mm), but you could bend the lugs sideways and probably save a few mm. But if you use something like KNserts or Arc Eyes (KNsert LED Board and, then they go inside of the button, and they won’t take up any more height. Or you can just mount LEDs beside the rims of the buttons, they’ll light up plenty.

Yes, you can use LB-39 bubbletop with JLF. But you will need a hollow JLF shaft to run the wires through, and you will need to drill out some of the metal in the LB-39 to place an LED inside of it. But I think Chad at Lizard Lick is known to carry them such that they don’t need to be drilled. I drilled mine, anyways, even though I order from Lizardlick.

Awesome response so quickly.

IIRC, they’re out of stock indefinitely until he can find someone to drill them out for him.

Yeah I found the post.

I have an extra one I could part with, if interested. Also, this site has them in titanium. Sanwa JLF-S9F Titanium Shaft, Hollow - Paradise Arcade Shop

Update: I sold mine.

Wow, they are expensive. I have officially bought the stick. I think I will turn this into a log. Going back and forth whether to MC Cthulhu+ IMP it.

We actually have hollow sticks for Seimitsu (Long and short shafts) made in stainless, as well as the titanium shafts.

The titanium shafts not only allow you to light the ball top but you can annodize them and change the shaft color, something we will start doing in the near future.

If there is a demand for hollow JLF shafts that aren’t titanium, I can add those to my next order from our machinist and come in at a more attractive price point than the titanium stick, just let me know!

Oh WOW! the video looks Familiar???

Yep, nice job there. I got mine today. Going to start ordering stuff soon.

i was going to this mod awhile back but i got lazy…One of many projects i never finished…

Yeah I just picked up one of these NEW in box a bit ago for like $15… One more project on my list…

Lucky you, I paid $50 for mine shipped. These things are so hard to find I had to grab it.

Hm~ I’ve also been thinking about modding mine for the longest time. Can’t decide on what to do with it tho. I’m actually thinking of splitting the case in half and turning it into two separate sticks…but that’ll require me to cut the plastic and the metal plate and i’d imagine it’d be difficult to do a clean job on that. Plus the case is kinda unique. The other option is to part out all the parts (and make 2 more sticks out of them=P), replace em with new pcb’s, buttons (i heard the korean crowns perfectly), and 2 LS-33s. What do you guys think? Anyone split one of these in half before?