Modded T6 Wireless Stick Sanwa's and QD's + Calender 55 shipped

Modded a new T6 stick I got, just opened to mod. All the buttons are sanwa even start and select, I also added QD’s. The joystick is the same(hori) but I did add a white balltop. Well im looking for 55 shipped!


I may be interested will pm by tonite, send me your paypal info as well please, pics would be awesome as well

Pics are up Sent you a pm

looks really good, i might have a question or two when i get my stick in later this week

pRice updaTEE

did you swap out the hori buttons or did you completely remove the button casings?

not so sure what you mean but all the buttons are sanwa all of the original hori buttons are gone.

Price Drop 55

So nice! Do want…but right now all I have is a PC. Will it work on a PC? Will I have to buy a wireless receiver for it?

yah i believe it works with a wireless reciever

Wish i had the money to take this off your hands. great price for this. good luck with the sale!

eyyy im def intrested…How do you accept payment and where from are you selling…

he takes paypal and lives in new york i brought something from him a few days ago

^^^ What he said, Thanks

Including one of those tekken 6 calenders, that I believe came with the pre order