Mod using Xbox 360 trigger buttons

Hi, I’ve only been a member for a short time, and the time between searches is crazy, so please don’t :dp: :hp: me if this has been answered before. :bgrin:

My friend and I are getting into building our own custom sticks. Unfortunately, we only have wired Xbox 360 controllers to work with as a PCB.

We’re both pretty tech savvy, but neither of us have any clue how to get the analog triggers to work digitally for sanwa buttons. If anyone has a parts and solder point tutorial, or even just a quick explanation, that would be great. I’m a pretty dab hand with a soldering iron,

Thanks for your time, I really appreciate it.

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There is a ton of information here, but it’s fairly well organized… whenever in doubt, you can start here:

Specifically, you’ll need to remove the trigger pots and wire in a few 10k, 1/4 w resisters. Depending on what pad you’re hacking, (there are older “matrix” type pads and newer “common ground” pads) you can check the padhacking thread here:


Are both excellent off-site resources.

Wireless trigger pictures I used for reference:

The first post here has a complete description of the trigger resister requirements:

Good luck.

Hi, i’ve question about this:

The L2-R2 wire is the positive bottun?
And the wire linked to the resistor is the ground?


This site will be a good starting point for you.
Be aware of the multiple grounds.

Nope, you’ve got it backwards… :stuck_out_tongue: The top wire is a true ground, and can only be chained to your two trigger buttons, it’s not the same as the common all of the digital buttons use. The wire to the middle point that’s connected to one side of the resistor (which side IS important) is your signal wire. If you soldered resistors to both sides like that, you’d run a wire from the middle point of one to one of your buttons, the wire from the middle point of the other to the other, and then you only need one wire from either top point, which needs to run to the other half of both of your buttons.

so just to clarify, the picture above is not the correct way to get the buttons to work properly? Does the resistor have to be on the top hole connected with the middle? or is the picture correct? so confused with this :confused:

I just want to mention that I’ve been working specifically on the PCB/wiring section of my site. This is one issue among many that I’ve been working, though so many of the messages sent to me have been regarding this. I’ll have the info much better-explained when I eventually get the update done. I’m going to have a special components subsection that may about double the size of the page.

cant you just leave the potentiometer in place and wire it to the buttons.

Dose not always work, it depends on what brand, model and revision of the board your Xbox 360 controller

What you suggest will work with later revisions of the Mad Catz wired game pad 4716 game pad (sometimes re-branded as a game stop Xbox pad) but not the Microsoft brand wired game pads.