Mod my EX2 or Get/mod a FightStick?

As of recent, my Fighting Stick EX2’s buttons have taken a turn for the worse after 3 weeks of use. They stick when I hit them and sometimes need to hit them again to pop back up again. Hori’s great customer service has not answered any email I have sent to them. So I ordered Sanwa OBSF-30 and a Sanwa GT-Y from Lizardlick. But I have been seeing in the Madcatz SF4 thread here that the Xbox360 Fightstick has 30mm buttons and easy to change buttons and joystick.

So I am asking if I should mod my ex2 with the parts I am getting or hold off, get the Fightstick and mod that? Is the ex2 extremely difficult to mod and does the pcb die as soon as some people have said? I have no experience with soldering on pcb but did solder wires for car stereos.

I was able to mod my ex 2 successfully with no prior experience with soldering, and it’s worked perfectly fine so far. However, I only changed out the buttons, not the stick, which I hear is a lot more difficult.

Yeah, I won’t change the joystick since it’s the very best, but the Sanwa GT-Y gate will help out. Good to know that it is beginner friendly and having a custom graphic on the stick makes it something I really really want as well.