Mod HRAP2 SA with Seimitsu LS-32

I want to mod my HRAP2 SA with a LS-32 stick. From what I can find by searching through old post, I think I will need a S mounting plate for it. So here is the stick that I find at akishop:

Does anybody know if this stick is going to work with HRAP2 SA? Do they use the same connector? Is there anything else that I should pay attention to?

I should mention that I feel HRAP2 SA stick’s engage range is a little too long. So I wonder if this LS-40-SS would be easy to install too:


That variant of the LS-32 will mount in a HRAP2SA, but the 5 pin wiring harness for the joystick won’t attach to the individual microswitch terminals. The LS-32 variant you want is the LS-32-01, which is the one that has the 5 pin connector.

The LS-40 also mounts perfectly fine in a HRAP2SA, but again, you need an LS-40 variant that has the 5 pin harness and the S mounting plate. This is the one you should look at:

Yes, it and any other seimitsu lever well work, just be sure to get the pcb variant (product name ends with 01, such as ls-32-01) so you can use the same 5 pin connection your jlf uses. Note that the 5 pin harness needs to be flipped the other way with seimitsu levers. And yes, you’ll want an s plate to compensate for the shorter lever with both the 32 and the 40.

Thank you IKagi-chan and PresidentCamacho!

Hey Ikagi-chan, just another questions

Hey Ikagi-chan, just another question, will this ls-56-01 work as well?:

Also, which one would you recommend, ls 40 or ls 56?

The 56 will work, again go with the 01 variant. Any 8 direction lever (meaning non analog) you can fit in the case and mount will work technically.

40 versus 56 boils down to preference. One perk the 56 has is that there’s an octagonal gate available if you wanted to try one (not so withat the 40). Theres also an octagonal gate available for the 32/38, for the record.


Might have to trim the S-Plate by the 1K button.

only on screw-in buttons. :slight_smile: sanwas fit fine for the most part.

I had to do it with PS-14-G.

weird, even hrap ex-se didnt need to

It’s an EX panel.