Mod a Sammy SvC Chaos stick

I d like to know if it is possible to mod a Sammy SvC Chaos stick.
Thank you.

No one knows if I can replace the original stick by a Swan stick ?
Please help !

Could be wrong, but I’m sure the stick out the box is a pretty decent quality jlf knock off?
I know I’ve spoken to a few people who like the standard stick, assuming its a jlf copy it may have the same mounting, sadly I cant confirm as I don’t have one.
General jist is that the sticks supposed to be similar in feel to a jlf anyway?

N.B. You should always check the search function it does help, assuming you hadn’t I did a quick check and didn’t find much…

Thx for you response !
I’ve already used the search function without any result :confused:
I guess I may have to open my stick (but not sure it will help me ^^).

I ve just did it !
Can someone confirm pls ? :slight_smile:

Confirming. That is indeed a JLF knock-off w/ octagonal gate.

That might be a pretty difficult mod, though. It looks like the buttons are soldered directly to the PCB, and the contact points aren’t going to match the leads on Sanwa buttons. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but it doesn’t looks like the case is going to easily accommodate a JLF mounting plate either, unless you can use whatever the knockoff joystick is mounted to. You might have to get busy with a Dremel and countersink a few screw holes.

Thats the best sanwa knockoff stick ive seen yet. Even has octogate clone! The stick looks very similar to jlf size even the bottom of the shaft protrudes past the gate. Youll have to desolder the board from the buttons and then solder wires with quick disconnects to the board where the buttons used to be. It actually looks like it wont be to hard of a mod. If the screw holes match up to the jlf then it will be a breeze. No need for mounting plate to install the jlf. This isnt a SE stick.
Good luck on your mod, looks very doable

Edit-More than likely since the case is small, your gonna have to bend the prongs on the buttons you use so you can close the case.

Thx guys !
I ll order my sanwa stick asap.
I ll post the result when it will be finished.
See ya !

Jees I’d just keep the stick it has, but lol, oh well.