MLP: Fighting is Magic


I am not even going to make jokes.

I am legitimately interested in this game, moreso than many other upcoming fighting games.

I hope people can get over the aesthetics and source material, like they talk have with AH and other such games.

Of course, at this early stage, all my personal hype comes form the source material, but who knows. Maybe it will end up as a legit game.

“Fuck yeah!! You just combined two of my favorite things, Ponies and fighting games”

^ I don’t know what to feel about this comment

Hahahahahaha no.

Wow, what’s with all this pony crap?
Isn’t this show made for little girls?

[spoiler=]The animation for the game actually looks fuckin’ amazing, WTS? There’s even a blog from the dude working on the game, showing gif animations of other characters doing there moves and what not. Seeing those gifs, I thought to myself “this can’t be the real game”. Seeing the video now, holy shit…[/spoiler]

Where’s this blog?

I’m pretty sure I heard that it was made in flash. Don’t expect this to even be decent.

It’s FM2nd.

I am legitimately excited.

I wish I knew.
I ran across it on Equestria Daily and over looked it as a silly pony game. Didn’t except them to actually get a far as they are now.

What the fuck why is it animated so god damn well?



Dare I say this game will have hoofsies?

im interested :smiley:

I would by this shit day one if it was retail.

No lasso, no dog assist, no buy.

That theme is legitimately better then any theme in SSFIV.

Take all of my money.

I’m sure the guy drew the stuff…
Ya’ know, drawing…

Wow, now I really wish I had the dude’s blog right now, TIME TO SEARCH!!
All I can recall reading up was that the game won’t have any 2v2 stuff due to programming knowledge or something, but will add extra stuff in there to act as an assists (ie. Pinkie Pie will have Gummies, AJ will have the dog, Fluttershy will have angel, etc).

Dive kicking Rainbow Dash for top tier.

Oh god damn it.

All-girl fighting games are one thing but this…

Consider me hyped.