MK9 Tournament Format

Is it gonna be 1v1 or Tag-Team? I’m assuming 1v1

yes, 1v1.

I think they are doing 1v1 this year to see how well the game will do and then 2v2 the next yr.

Just to be clear I meant the Tekken-Tag style mode the game has and not a team tournament. Either way, the game looks like it’ll actually be pretty fun

Has anyone in the MK tournament scene stepped up to commentate for MK at Evo in the event MK9 is actually good and we all end up loving it? Cause like Tekken and SF i think its best we hear from the pros who know whats going on to tell the people whats happening and maybe provide some ins and outs of certain matchups. I know it still early im just hoping to gauge general feedback.

Can there be a tag team side tourney? Seems like too much of a fun and deep mechanic to just pass along.

Does anyone know if they’re allowing Kratos in the tournament?

Kratos is banned from tournaments in general, as are all console exclusive characters in every seriously competitive game ever.

I’m assuming this holds true for EVO.

They said that Kratos would be banned if he is PS3-exclusive (which he will be) at the same time that they announced the games list.

yup, and we the community banned him the second he was announced. lol

I agree with the tag team side tournament. Have it be like the women’s one last year,they have to enter the main one,then can play in the tag team one for free. Just for fun :slight_smile: I know a few people I am thinking I would team up with. Also would be interesting to watch.

yeah i think 2v2 is very underrated. It would be very fun and dramatic. the idea of you and your best bud using your fav chars in a team and creating a system of strategies and combos that only you guys would be able to execute togethor due to your communication and understanding of each other playstyles is exhillerating. Me and my friend love to play 2v2 in RTS’s and we cant wait to lab and try it out in a fighting game. once the apocalyps3 is over of course.

2v2 is pretty much broken by combos into Noob’s disruptor assist. 50% meterless (from point character) > disruptor reset > 50% meterless, rinse, repeat. It’s fun though.

Never seen this. Any videos? Or is this theory. :stuck_out_tongue: Its not like disabler is unavoidable like say a bomb trap.

There’s a video of a sub zero 100% for 2 meters out there somewhere as proof of concept for you. He’s not the only character who can combo into disabler assist though.