MK9 recieves another best fighter award at E3

check it yo
Best Of E3 2010 Awards Video Game, Best Fighting Game | Game Trailers & Videos |

who cares these awards dont mean anything

Yeah seriously. You have to think who’s giving these awards and whether they know anything about anything related to fighting games.

Not saying MK9 is looking bad, it’s actually looking real good, but these awards mean shit.

Take heed and bear witness to the truths that lie herein, for they are the last words of Raiden:

They called Alpha 3 “Street Fighter Perfection”, so I wouldn’t be too excited.

Remember when KoFXII was best fighting game of E3 2009?

my thoughts exactly

If Deadliest Warrior: The Game had dismemberment, more blood, and was called Time Killers 2, it would have sold millions.

It’ll probably be named “Gamespot’s Fighting Game of the Year” before its even released.

well what other fighting games are beimg premered at E3? A demo of MvC3? what else? Its not like MK had a lot of competition.

You guys are right awards are pretty meaningless at this early stage. We won’t really know how it is until we get our hands on it. I just thought it was funny that MK9 beat MVC3.

I don’t.

Also, awards means everything… everything.

MK won because they had more tribal tatoo’s, and goatee’s.


i think the meaning behind it being that its shows something that a mortal kombat game is begin given any kind of best fighter award shows how different this new game must be for it to even be considered.