MK9 | My Arms Have Friggin' Blades on 'Em! The Baraka General Thread

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man baraka needs some serious buffs, hes so ass in this game. he can be zoned pretty easy, his has no real combos. dude is worse that hakan+dan.

Why do you even need to reserve a post if it’s just going to be a general thread lol.

Baraka pwns. I like trolling newbs with him. :slight_smile:

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No I’m not Wade Wilson

back+3,1 is a launcher
2,2,1+2 is a pop up
now one option is low,popup
or overhead.
what are we able to do with this now?

Ahhhhh! They nerfed Baraka as well as buffed him. I’m no longer able to queue a special after forward+4. It forces me to use the full forward+4, 4 combo which doesn’t allowing queueing of specials either, which means you have to wait for the full recovery of the combo before executing something like df 2.

For example:

Jump-in 1, 2, 2, 2+1, dash forward, f+4, 4, (recovery), df 2 has stupidly strict timing. I was able to get around this by only doing f+4, then df 2. Guaranteed execution (via linking) versus slightly more damage, non-guaranteed execution. Now I’m forced to do it the hard way which is almost impossible online, and hard (but not impossible) to perform in practice mode. This combo does 32% now. Baraka’s damage is significantly buffed but I don’t understand the point of removing his f+4’s ability to link into specials and forcing players to do it the hard way.

Another simple string, jump-in 1, 2, 2, 2+1, dash forward, back+3, 1, df 2 also has stupidly strict timing. I feel like these are intermediate combos at best but the strictness of execution is really disheartening. If I wanted SF4’s one frame links I’d play SF4. Well maybe it’s not that bad, but it’s close. Anyone else find this to be true, or am I just a whiny scrub?

He has more options in the corner now with a true launcher. The strings I listed above are really easy to pull off in the corner as opposed to midscreen, but now you can add some hands after the launcher before performing specials. Very easy to land 36+% (no meter) with him in the corner now. I’ve only fooled around with this for a few minutes so I’m sure he might have some 40+%'s.

buffer the dash during the last hit of 2,2,1+2 and any followup should be easy to do

and they had to nerf his f+4 because it gave him a corner infinite