MK9 & MvC3 Arcade Ports?

Sorry if this has been asked before but I couldn’t find much on google or SRK searches.

Anyways, Are there plans from capcom or nether realm to release arcade versions/cabinets of these games? I know the arcade scene is slowly dying (especially in the USA), but I’m sure there is still a large enough market (at least in japan) to release arcade versions. I mean SF4 is doing well right (even in USA)?

Do you think they are just waiting to balance out all the kinks and bugs via consoles before they release those patched versions to arcade machines?

Tbh, I think what arcades need are just ethernet cards and be connected to the internet so they can keep score of leader boards and login from your account from any arcade as well as charge people quarters to DL and watch replays or UL replays or whatever other content they can think of. Not only would this increase revenue, but the game companies can have auto updates to fix patches just like PC and now console games have.

PS- I just had a thought for Community effort DLC for internet connected machines. You know how in WoW they had those big server pitch in events in order to unlock new dungeons? They could do something similar with stages, costumes, character unlocks, etc. for each machine. So like people could just throw in a quarter or two out of 100 or so total needed to unlock each thing. So either the players could slowly unlock content by all pitching in or the owners could spend a few more bucks to do it themselves.

I doubt either of them will get them.

Just as well.

It’s a slippery slope from “Having an arcade release at all” to “Having an arcade version with exclusive content that I don’t get” and “Having an arcade release that’s released first, with a long wait for a console version taunting me”.


Is it still called Mk9? I thought it was just MK now…

Yeah, it’s just called MK. No, I don’t see either one of the two getting an arcade release.

Both games are marketed heavily at the American audience, that’s why MvC3 had a quiet launch and marginal sales in Japan. It really makes no sense from a financial point to release an arcade board for a game you aren’t expecting to do well in Asia.

you’d think that but funnily enough they decided on bad netcode for a game that they could very easily see wasn’t going to do well in asia

What I don’t understand is how MK has semi-racist “chop-socky” gibberish (Like Kung Lao’s “Wugabuh!”, “Huzzah!”) instead of actual chinese and japanese…do they somehow not have asians in-house somewhere that they can rely on for the occasional linguistics like, you know, successful companies do?

It wouldn’t be Mortal Kombat (or Street Fighter) without the racism and stereotypes.

a MvC3 arcade machine would be dope.

Hey man don’t hate on Raiden’s “alibabaleiiiiii” like that!

reading that in raiden’s voice always gets me. i remember there was a thread awhile back asking “what does raiden say?” someone made me rofl when they put “yomamasnotaladyyyy”

My friends at the old arcade were always playing with Raiden and shouting “Flying babanaaaaay” and “Redheaded zen niggaaaaa!” every damn time they did that torpedo. Thanks for telegraphing. They got blocked, punished, and Caged. puts on shades

MVC3? naw.

MK? hahaha hell naw.

Capcom stated that an AE version of Marvel 3 was possible.
Don’t know if it’s gonna happen or not, but I would love to see that.

People havent won tournaments with points since the 80s. Maybe they can have pacman at evo

I like how this thread derailed, but I guess no one has any info anyways. I always figured raiden got robbed at some point before the tourney and he was yelling “fuckin gimme back my monay!”. But 3 days ago I learned what he is really saying Check this youtube video and thumbs up the comment hahahahah:
YouTube - Mortal Kombat arcade Raiden 1/2

in case the comment doesn’t stay at the top “Fugg You Lady? GAGAAAAH!!”

Unfortunately, this is sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Fighting games don’t do well in most of Asia without arcade releases. Without an arcade release Marvel 3 won’t ever be played competitively here.

MK, no way. No one in Asia really gives a shit. Marvel at least is a somewhat popular brand.

yeah an arcade version of mvc3 would be cool

an arcade version of mvc3 with content not on the console version would be fucking stupid though