MK9 | Kabal Matchups

Doesn’t seem like anyone frequents these forums . Anyway, I’ve started using Kabal as my main. I was wondering if any experienced Kaballers could give input on some matchups. I have problems with Kung Lao because I can’t open him up and always get rushed down. Sub Zero is problem for me mainly because of the ice clones. Any other advice on other characters will be appreciated as well.

Explain a little, do Subs try to fight you from far and only come in when you’re frozen? Also, a few low saws and not jumping in alot would help.

Kabal has been my main since MK3. If I could give you any advice. I would have to say (as far as mk9 goes) do not rely on your dash. By that I mean, do not use it very often. If you do, your opponent will definitely pick up on it fast and start blocking it every time. Bad thing about this is Kabal will be wide open for attacks after it is blocked. Use his fire balls and ground saws as mix ups. Great for jumping opponents defense and they are quick. Usually if you do not do them in a pattern it is a good way to throw your opponent off. Also, a combo that knocks them in the air followed by a jump kick and a fire ball is an effective and easy combo. That’s all I can think of right now. Hope this helped some. :slight_smile: Good choice on making Kabal your main. I do not see him being played enough. As for match ups… Eh… I have a hard time fighting Scarlet with Kabal because of her speed. I can’t say much about this subject because every match with every player is different. It all depends on how they play with said character.

I main Kabal as well and i saw a neat little trick. I’ve seen people use his dash and cancel it, does anybody know how to do that?

Back and block.

you can also cancel it by throwing out spikes and grab with it also using qcb1 or 2 cant remember because of my layout on my stick