MK9 | Jax combo thread

It seems to me so far that Jax’s combos are lacking pretty bad in the damage department unless it’s in a corner. Mid screen the best damage I can get is off a ground pound.

It depends on what you open with, but I’ve found his bread and butter “Boot Kamp” combo to be the best basic for mid screen. If you open with a jump in punch -> Boot Kamp(B+P, P, K) -> Dash Punch it does 27%. 33% if you’re willing to burn the EX version. Typically this isn’t that bad for a basic mid screen combo.

I feel without a ground pound, however, that you’ll want to push people in the corner, which is why Dash Punch knocks them so far and is relatively safe on block(whiffs if they’re crouching, so be careful).

Posted this in the other thread but yeah.

Neutral J. 1, dash, 1 (x4), dash, 1, 2, Gotcha Grab = 10 hits - 31% w/o meter.

Corner BNB: back 123, 12, 12, 12 xx Dash Punch, 12 xx Dash Punch = 14 hits (40%) meterless. Add in a j.1 or j.2 at the beginning and it does 43%.

Midscreen I just like doing a 413, or 414 string to setup a ground pound. Once the ground pound hits dash in and 1, dash, 1, j.4, air throw. Or just dash 1 for as long as you can and end with Gotcha Grab. In the corner these strings will set you up for Overhead Smash also.

J.1/2, 2, F+2, B+1 into Air Gotcha does 29%, 32% with EX. That’s another basic bread and butter that does decent damage.

I don’t think you’ll find a 35%+ combo mid screen with Jax, especially without at least a ground pound. Like Matty said, 4,1,4 is also a great combo. Doesn’t do that much, but is safe and can lead the way into a ground pound if it knocks down.

Something worth noting: The most damaging combo ender is EX Dash Punch, but without using EX meter, Air Gotcha Grab is the strongest followed by the easier and better-for-combos Gotcha Grab.

All EX Dash Punches can be replaced with Gotcha Grab for a no-meter combo except those marked with a *.
All EX Ground Pounds can be replaced with Ground Pound for less damage and more difficulty dashing up for the jab juggle.

Midscreen Combos:

j.1 > 1,2 > EX Overhead Smash (25%)
*j.1 > b+1,2,4 > EX Dash Punch (33%)
j.1 > 2,f+2,b+1 > EX Air Gotcha Grab (32%)
EX Ground Pound > Nj.1 > (1 > dash)x5 > EX Dash Punch (42%)
EX Ground Pound > (dash > 1)x6 > EX Dash Punch (40%)
*Ground Pound (Far) > (dash)x2 > EX Dash Punch (28%)

Corner Combos:

j.1 > b+1,2,4 > (1)x6 > (1,2)x2 > EX Dash Punch (47+%) (Very difficult, I actually messed up and did standard Dash Punch and got 47%)
EX Ground Pound > Nj.1 > 4 > (1)x5 > (1,2)x2 > EX Dash Punch (51+%) (Very difficult; does 51% with one less jab)
EX Ground Pound > j.4 > (1)x6 > (1,2)x2 > EX Dash Punch (48+%) (Very difficult, does 48% with one less jab)
EX Ground Pound > dash > (1)x7 > (1,2)x2 > EX Dash Punch (45+%) (Very difficult; does 44% with one less jab)

EDIT: List updated using some of XxV1P3RxX’s ideas. Also fixed an error in one of my corner combos.

Can anyone confirm the damage on those four corner combos I couldn’t get? I’ll keep trying, but they’re such a pain. Honestly, we’re better off using on-the-fly judgment on all the jab juggles to determine when to start using 1,2 and Gotcha Grab instead of 1.

EDIT: …You know what? @#$% it.

I can’t see myself doing anything else besides the b124 string anymore. It’s too good damage wise.

You know, if you don’t use meter, the 2,f+2,b+1 string will actually deal more damage. :confused: It’s faster in bringing out the medium as well.

Possibly his largest corner combo?
and midscreen?

all created by me btw.

^ Nice job. Thanks. It feels good seeing Jax break 50%.

Combined our strategies and made this. I already added it to my list above. I hope you’re okay with that.

EX Ground Pound > Nj.1 > 4 > (1)x5 > (1,2)x2 > EX Dash Punch (51%+) (one less jab got 51%)

As for the midscreen one, I added a jab to make it 42%. I didn’t realize the 1,2 prorated so much. I guess it’s really only helpful for corner combos when just jabs won’t keep the opponent up anymore. Added this one as well.

EX Ground Pound > Nj.1 > (1 > dash)x5 > EX Dash Punch (42%)

Those combos waste too much meter. Especially the corner combo when you can get 43%+ meterless. not to mention you have to land a ground pound right in their face. As for midscreen I would rather take 35%ish combo to setup a ground pound than waste all that meter again.

^ Which is what I noted above the combos themselves. :confused: And why I included Ground Pounds that use dash-ups before the jab juggle, and a combo that uses Dash Punch for Far Ground Pounds. More practically, it’d be:

Midscreen Combos:

1,2 > Overhead Smash
b+1,2,4 > EX Dash Punch
2,f+2,b+1 > Air Gotcha Grab
Ground Pound > Nj.1 > (1 > dash)x5 > Gotcha Grab
Ground Pound > (dash > 1)x6 > Gotcha Grab
Ground Pound (Far) > (dash)x2 > Dash Punch

Corner Combos:

b+1,2,4 > (1)x6 > (1,2)x2 > Gotcha Grab
Ground Pound > Nj.1 > 4 > (1)x5 > (1,2)x2 > Gotcha Grab
Ground Pound > j.4 > (1)x6 > (1,2)x2 > Gotcha Grab
Ground Pound > dash > (1)x7 > (1,2)x2 > Gotcha Grab

I wasn’t even talking to you. Unless you’re also XxV1P3RxX or posted the exact same combos. Either way it doesn’t matter.

I posted these combos to show what jax can do, i could careless what meter is wasted. its just a show of combos. Im quite aware its not practical lol.

It’s kind of pointless to point them out then. Combos without practicality, while not even being flashy or entertaining to look at, are essentially useless. It also isn’t really showing what Jax can do if it wastes too much meter, you just end up giving a false impression of what he can do.

Also, 1,2 -> Overhead Smash I just figured out combos. This leads to an awesome ground pound setup, just gotta get the timing right.

Speaking of Overhead Smash, does anyone know if there is a real use for this move? Start up is telegraphed like all hell, and it doesn’t seem to combo with anything other than 1, 2(unless burning meter).

It’s not pointless. Every game has combos that are mostly for flash. This a forum dedicated specifically for one character in Mortal Kombat, mind you. People do flash combos all the time when they’re win is guaranteed.

The overhead smash is cancellable from f+4. So f+4>overhead is an option. You can also cancel to overhead with some of his normals.
Can any one confirm nj+1-> 1,2(x3) ->jk+air grab. Can’t quite end it, might be my execution…

heres some of my jax combos, i will post some more soon

140% Corner

52% Corner

42% Midscreen

Ok, can we work on some combos that DON’T require an EX ground pound?

Hey wassup, just to throw in some things that i found out playing my bro’s Kung lao yesterday.

Out of a blocked Spin:

  • Lao was near the corner. So I landed 1,2 Overhead Smash, then timing right a ground pound, then dash punch (Now Kung lao is in the corner) then 1 then 1,2 Overhead Smash, EX ground pound, 1— 1,2 — Gotcha. That will teach those kung laos hahaa.

Out of a blocked dive kick:

  • Here u can easily nail a (close) ground pound, then Nj 1, whatever combo, i went for dash jab (x2) then 1,2 dash punch or gotcha.

Other things:

Can anyone confirm if 2, f+2, when hit in the air, bounce them?? (just like subzero b+1,2). I think i did that by accident yesterday. Try if b+1,2 do the same thing

Quick punish options are: 1,2 Dash punch or overhead smash or gotcha.

Is possible to setup ground pounds after air gotcha, normal gotcha, Overhead smash and air throw. There’s something funny about my matches yesterday. I air gotcha’d him, then ground pound, etc. Then when i again nail the air gotcha (it beats dive kick clean) i mixup and dont ground pound, then kung lao jumped and I air throwed him, then a well timed ground pound lol. What i say is that you can do some mind games with the ground pound, that can lead you to free air gotchas, air throws and so on. if they back jump you can dash punch them, or throw a projectile or if you are feeling lucky a far ground and pound lol

After a blocked b+1,2,4 do a gotcha to recover quickly!.

Some X-ray setups:

  • After a blocked 1,2 dash punch

  • After a crossup J. punch

  • b+1,2 then X-ray (most people are expecting the kick, or will try to attack)

  • When you block a dive kick, Sektor’s teleport punch, kano’s ball, Smoke/Ermac/Scorp etc teleport punches, etc. Grab those bitches hehe

  • Another interesting setups regarding teleport chars: when you are fullscreen “train” them zoning with projectiles and ground pounds, then when you expect teleport, as soon as you see it, do the X-ray, if doing right Jax will grab them just when they reappear!

For example, in a match almost after every knockdown (wtih gotcha, air throw, dash punch etc) i threw a projectile to force to block when they wake up, i did it about three times (he was playing Kung Lao). So by the 4th time (at that time maybe he was thinking “i will beast him if i teleport, dodge the projectile and bounce him with the punch”). What i did? yeah i threw the projectile, he teleports and I INMEADIATELY did the X-ray, his punch did nothing to me and i grabbed him! :smiley:

Just throwing some ideas here to help Jax’s game. Hope it is useful!

See ya!