MK9 | How to Break Cyrax's Command Grab

Cyrax’s command grab is some scary stuff. It leads into resets into resets into resets. How to break it? Well, it’s not like a normal grab. For one, the timing is very tight, and two, the button is different.

The buttons to break the throw are BP or FP.
You really have to know when they are going for the grab, as the tech window is almost at the very beginning of the throw animation.

Found by Me and Insanity2O21O

It’s been known for a while, and you only need to press one button, not both.

Also this doesn’t need its own thread.

A better thread would be “Escape Options after Cyrax grabs yo ass”

My bad, couldn’t find any info on this so I went experimenting with my friend.

So what IS the best way to counter the bomb trap? I believe it is character specific, but has anyone found a way out of it? I think Tom Brady said during Power Up that is was counterable…

The only surefire way to escape it is to tech, but the window is way too small to do on reaction.

Feel free to ignore him. It’s apparent that he hasn’t bothered to keep up to date with the character.
He was talking about the FP,FP,FP version from his guide, which is punishable by blocking the first two punches then hitting XRay.

Using BP,BP or BP,FP,Net makes it completely inescapable without breaker if timed correctly. DandyJ was doing the former in his games, but he doesn’t have the timing down so he kept leaving gaps. (judging from Tom’s reaction it was the first time he’s even seen it done like that)

By the way, the window for teching the grab is 2 frames, and it can’t be escaped when comboed into (i.e. off a net or a tag partner’s freeze move).