MK9 | "DO NOT FAIL ME! We.. you and I... PFFffff" Quan Chi Discussion

Quan Chi aka Crunchy lookin mad juicy. Everyone be sure to check out WorstGiefEver’s Quan Chi video. Got some good stuff.

YouTube - Exploring Quan Chi - MK9

Thanks for the link!
I really like Quan Chi’s playstyle :smiley:
Does anyone think he will be banned from tournaments? :\

So, I’ve been playing the game pre-patch because I got the game after PSN went down. I just played v1.01 at my friends house; the patch nerfed Quan Chi’s Trance move to hell. It had MUCH less recovery before. I’m sad now. :frowning:

Ohhhh that’s what it is! I was so confused by some footage I had been seeing where he did the trance and was instantly able to jump and move. I figured they were using some kind of cancel I didn’t know about.

Well that’s a damn shame :confused:
Wow, I just realized, I’ve been playing on xbox, but with most tourneys being ps3 things are gonna be really different…


Think it’s best to end all bnbs with 1,1, sky drop, allows you time power up or go for rune traps very effective

Well, according to the patch thread, our rune trap is going to be a strategy of the past. So, now what? :frowning:


online player match, are you serious they are taking it? and not taking cyrax bomb traps out

Quan Chi getting nerfed? man this guy needs a buff! Fellow Quan Chi players, you must check this thread out and 'speak up’!

I haven’t been playing the game long enough to know whether he needs buffs or nerfs… But one thing they MUST change is the amount of time you have to wait before you can attack again after trancing someone… It’s so annoying for me and the people I do it to! Haha.

quan chi got nerfed pretty bad imo! have no reason why though

Has the patch been released already? I haven’t been prompted to do an update.

I know, right? I mean what’s the point of making me wait to attack after setting up a free hit?? It always screws up my timing on follow ups.

Well, they did speed the trance up, so happy! I’m really enjoying MK and Quan Chi, we need to get this forum moving!
What would you guys consider to be his bread and butter?

Yeah not a lot of people use Quan chi, It depends what your going for mix-up opportunities or raw damage - jump 2, B2 1 dash B2 1, 1,1,2 Trance, Jump 2, 1,1 sky drop, into one rune is I think 50% is damaging one meter but if you leave out the rune and go for high or low u get mix-ups rather than damage so you might land 2 35 % bnbs

The mixups you can do from the sky drop are awesome. Will that still work as well after the patch? I haven’t played the game since the latest patch, which I think changes the move somehow (if it’s even out yet).