Mk into Super?

I was just wondering how you guys feel out your mk’s with ken into supers. IT always hurts to watch them end up blocking it.
Like when should I be going for it?
Any inputs appreciated. :tup:

And for those in TO, you people should liven up the funland scene again, its sorta dying :lame: :clap:

Use it as a punish against missed supers if you can’t do anything more damaging or if you’re too far to get in proper damage.

Also, agaisnt other shoto players after having won an air to air confrontation (you land first)I usually walk forward a bit then walk back and use cmk xx shippu. That’s a nice option select right there coz most shoto’s would look to get you with their own c mk so walking back puts you out of their range. When they stick their limb out, out comes you super like magic. If the c mk didn’t connect then you wouldn’t have wasted a super.

Hmmm I never thought of just waiting and baiting it out, cause I’m usually rushing :badboy: . Sorry to sound like a newbie but what exactly is the definition for option selects?
And are there ways to set up standing mp links, cause I don’t see them too often being used.

Side note:

Makoto tends to confuse me, same with Akuma.
Just can’t get in on akuma cause he keeps his distance with those dive kicks, and makoto is just too much of a guessing game.
Even when I try to play distance they always seem to get in. Fast playing can be overwhelming at times. Any Advice?


yea can walk back then c.MK cause he kinda moves forward if they end up blocking it ken gets the first parry in so you gotta guess hi or low parry

if you play a good yun and you miss the super they always go for the chain… after kens super ends go for the high parry it takes some getting used to but it works

if you think the c.MK is too fast you can always c.MK,hadoken,super or c.MK,medium srk,super it gives you a little more time to see if it links and you get the buffer i prefer the medium srk because it always links,hadoken only works with in a certain range

crossover,mp,hp,ex fireball its a good heat check and great on the life as well as the dizzy meter you need a good guessing game as well go for lk,lk,sa3 or back+MK sa3 its a hi low game and you cant go wrong with that also if you land the mp,hp go for the haoken sa3

You can’t parry after they block your super. However, if they suck and take to much time after a blocked shippu you CAN parry/punish with jab srk. But i mean… if you think that ppl at higher lvl will miss those sort of opportunities then you’re all screwed up anyways mate. There’s no way for you to be a winner thinking like that.

What you do need to learn is this.

cr. shortx2(3 on some and all if crouching) > shippu for offence. > shippu for defence/punish if they are to far for your fiercepunch.

Never use > shippu for offence if you are not 100% sure they won’t block high. :slight_smile: It’s a lot more wise to use short short short.

“if you think the c.MK is too fast you can always c.MK,hadoken,super”

Welcome to the world of red parries. This is what i call A CRAZY combo. But then again, it all depends on how good players you play… If i blocked take it easy with shippus, hadokens or shoryukens and so on.

“or c.MK,medium srk,super”

Again, it’s more of a range question here mate. This only works when close.

“crossover,mp,hp,ex fireball”

better to use jab srk than wasting meter. Easy for the eye to hit confirm.

i know that you cant immediatly parry after the super but he does have a quick recovery i should of been more clear and yes i do get punished after a missed sa3 but i have gotten my parries in after a missed sa3

also i was just giving him ideas on what to use if i wanted to elaborate on the specifics i would of

of course all of those moves can be red parried if blocked i was just giving him some of the basic ken strats but then again any combo string if blocked can be red parried

“of course all of those moves can be red parried if blocked i was just giving him some of the basic ken strats but then again any combo string if blocked can be red parried”

Some a lot more than others. For example the one you mentioned.

hmmm I just realized its in that reply posted up there

In any case who would you say is kens worst match up?
Best match up?