Mixup Advise plz!

Hi Folks,
Im not entirely new to SF. But its the first time i rly picked up a charackter. I played sfIV and there only shotos.
But i hate shotos xD. So im always inbetween 1000 - 1700 LP.
Im confident in her footsie game, but against better players i can’t get her MixUps to work.
So here r the things i do.

mk/mp x L Bolt
And then lk x lp L Bolt
Or normal throws.

I mix thunderclap pressure in between.
I use smp/smk x cmk/cmp frametraps mostly.
I try to mix these up crouching stuff standing stuff.

But after L Bolt
Everytime i try to do a mid button to go into frametraps n pressure or try to mix it up with a command grap i get punished =/.

Is there something i do not know or do wrong?