Mistah Fab vs Spade freestyle battle (street fighter reference inside)

I’m only posting this here because Fab said “I throw a tiger like sagat!” LOL dude killed it. He has a real song that says something about yoga fire too. Too good!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

While I do dislike the whole hyphy shit, They are good rappers. Atleast a few of them. I know one of keeks songs(Back when he could talk right) he says he gots pockets fatter than E.honda.
Its in part 2 about 3:30 in, For those who want to look specifically for that part.

shit was tight
its all about the BAY AREA

yo ken8707 what part of 707 are you in? and what games do you play?

oh and spades voice is terrible. :confused:

im in SR, i hit up scandia almost every week mainly to play 3rd strike
i play a little of everything though except MVC2

Prolly old but there’s a few sf references,