Mississauga 2012 Thread


Happy new year erebody

And a new year awaits.

page 2, here we come

So uh… anything new lately?

There’s the tourny on the 4th that’s coming up, so I guess ya?

Thinking of starting up casuals at my place again. Stopped last year due to basement renovation, but that’s since been long done. If there’s any interest, I’ll probably post the days a week in advance. Probably Mondays or Thursdays since I work from home on those days and don’t have to do the long commute from Scarb (STC) to Sauga (Meadowvale).

One of the reasons I could never frequent Rae’s casuals is the short notice on text/facebook, haha.

ae or marvel

People still play AE?

In all seriousness though, I have two setups (xbox has no game/sticks, ps3 only one stick) so the option for both is still there, provided the resources and the players are available.

Or, you know, we can just have Dance Central 2 / Just Dance 3 battles.

p.s. Yes, I invite strangers to my house! Please don’t steal my stuff

i’d be down for marvel or ae
and can bring my copies of whatever games are in demand

i need to start leveling up already

Yeah id be down to
il bring stick and ae
PS3 btw

thursday, feb 2 is a tentative date.

I would show up to this I got both systems covered and I’m so lonely in Brampton >__>

i guess the Jing might have to make a special guess appearance. i know Japots wants a salty run back.

Yeah, if it goes down on the 2nd then I’m in there too

Technically, I’m the first stranger from here you invited.
If I happen to show up and your doorbell isn’t working like last time, I’m going to be very upset.

Shoulda called, dude, haha. Chacha and anant were there that day and it was kinda loud downstairs.

Address is corner of Lisgar dr and doug leavens.
Cell is [four one six] 8388451
more details in the few days

do you guys play KOF13?

I’m from the area, my PSN is BurnabyJoe19 if anyone is interested in unranked/endless SSF4 AE 2012. I’m pretty decent I think anyway, no flowcharts or anything like that.

Casuals at my place tomorrow

Google map of my house here(the house with the crooked white “fence”)
I’ll be home at around 6:30 so feel free to drop in by 7 onwards.
Please call or send a text before making your way down.

I have a PS3 w/ UMVC3, AE, and 1 stick. There’s a 360 w/ no game or stick.