Mission #7

Is anyone else having a tough time with this mission? The last three moves are Formation B, Shooting Formation B, Ragnarock. Im having a tough time canceling Shooting Formation B into Ragnarock, any tips or pointers?

I’m not sure how good your execution is, but I’ve learned that there’s a bit of breathing room between FormB and Shooting FormB. I find that when I take a slight pause after the first QCB+S, I can then cancel QCB+S -> Ragnarok more quickly.

When you go from the shot (QCB+S) into Ragnarock, are you quickly changing directions from :b: to :f:? It appears that I cant input Ragnarock quickly enough to cancel the shot.

Your right, there is a lot of time to land, input Formation B and then shoot Formation B, its the xx Formation B into Ragnarock that is giving me a tough time. :coffee:

I start at down and sort of make an elliptical motionclockwise, not hitting any of the up directions, and by the time I get back to down I move my stick to df and hit PP. It did take me a couple of times to get it though.

After doing mission 7# a 100 times, my advice is: keep doing it till you get it. Then pray to god you don’t need to use this in a real match. If so, back to training room :eek:

You think you’re never gonna need to OTG into a Level 3, with Strider, who has a tough time breaking 500k without it?

Um what about mission #8. I cant seem to time the launcher to Vajra H

You have perform a super jump cancel when you do Vajra H or else it won’t work.

As for mission 7, I had a tough time with it. But then again, I was super rusty.

Fortunately I streamed my mission progress. I have mission 7 and mission 8 done here just in case anyone wants to have an idea of how it’s done.