Miss Universe to allow Transsexual Contestant

For real? This is ridiculous.

Does she have a dink?

If not.


If she does.

Eh, she doesn’t look bad for a tranny.

So they’re caving into pressure to reverse their decision and change the rules to reflect that I don’t have as much of a problem with that as the fact that the bitch lied on her form about being a natural born female that should automatically disqualify her, period.

Feminism is life’s cyber akuma.

shouldnt trannies have their own contest going on.

yeah any kind of surgery should auto disqualify anyone. no you dont get to be miss universe with your fake tits.

Fixed, because don’t some of the female contestants have fake tits anyways?

Anyways, this is old news.

The swim suit contest is gonna be hilarious.

That chick is a fucking dick!

fake anything should be banned. u dont get to win by cheating and having unfair advantage. you are not miss universe if you weren’t gifted with awesome tits. SORRY!:oops:

Who cares if it’s a natural born female or a transsexual female, as long as it’s a female?

It’s a contest of who has the most beautiful female body, not who has the sexiest XX chromosomes.

Would Trump fuck it?

edit: him.

I give you Miss Canada


A transsexual “female” is genetically still a male and possesses a male body albeit a mutilated one. Why should we have to change the definition of gender or what a woman is for a minority of people with psychological issues?

lol, this is plain wrong. If she just wanted to be a model I would be fine but Miss Universe is a definite no.

“I am a woman” Talackova says.

Is it that simple?

10/10, would fap again

Don’t we already have a multi page thread on this?

Do we? if so then merge, I did a search but didnt find it.

I wonder if the girls in the contest give a shit? If it was the other way round, would Girls be on forums saying it ain’t right?

Id think that the other contestants would give a shit and that the chicks who lost Miss Universe Canada to this dude are pretty pissed about it.

Oh dam, a trans that looks pretty much like a woman, and isnt asian.

I fear i may fall in love with traps now.